This document describes options to provide feedback, ask questions, or get help with the SMPH HR KB.

What's going on?

Can't find a document

At times you may not be able to find a document you're looking for on the SMPH HR KB. It could be that the document exists but can't be found using your search terms. It could also be that the document doesn't exist yet - the SMPH HR KB only went live with its first few documents in May 2020 and although new material is constantly being created, it will take some time before it's a complete resource for all topics.


If can't find a document using the search bar, try selecting a topic from the dropdown menu next to the search bar.

Topics menu showing a list of topics associated with SMPH HR KB documents

There are two main topics for the SMPH HR KB: Relationship Type and Task/Action. Each main topic has one or two levels of more specific topics within. KB documents are associated with all relevant topics, so a document about faculty compensation would be listed under both the Relationship Type > Appointments > Faculty and Task/Action > Compensation and Titling topics.

When you select a topic from the dropdown menu, you'll be shown all the documents that are associated with that topic.

List of documents associated with Faculty topic, which is selected in Topics dropdown menu

Looking through this list of documents may help you find a document you weren't able to find by searching.

Suggest Keywords

If you do find the document you're looking for, be sure to report the keywords you tried that didn't lead you to the document using the Suggest keywords button at the bottom of the document! The KB Admins can add suggested keywords to the document to make it easier for others to find in the future.

KB document bottom section showing Suggest keywords button highlighted

Suggest Documents

If you still can't find the document you want, let us know that you're looking for that document so we can get it created!

In addition to being linked above, you'll find links to suggest a new document throughout the SMPH HR KB:

  1. On the results page of your search
    Suggest document link highlighted on search that had results

  2. In the bottom section of every KB document
    Suggest document button highlighted in bottom section of document

After clicking the link to suggest a new document, you'll be taken to a simple form where you can tell the KB Admins what you're looking for.

Form shown in suggest document page

Provide feedback

The KB Admins do our best to make SMPH HR KB documents as helpful as possible, but we know there's always room for improvement. If you have any feedback about documents, we want to hear about it!

Helpful/Unhelpful Buttons

In the bottom section of each KB document you'll find buttons to indicate that the document was helpful or unhelpful.

Bottom section of KB document with Helpful and Unhelpful buttons highlighted

Using these buttons will indicate what type of content is useful for the SMPH HR team. It also tells the KB Admins how to improve content in that document and throughout the SMPH HR KB.

If you just want to let us know a document was helpful - great! We'll try to model future content after what's worked well in the past. If you find that a document wasn't helpful, we want to know that too! However, we also need to know why it wasn't helpful so we can improve it.

If you mark a document as unhelpful, you'll be shown an acknowledgement message that includes a link to provide more info. Please use this link and submit comments so we know what to fix!

Acknowledgement message for unhelpful vote with tell us why link highlighted


Whether you use the link after clicking the Unhelpful button or you just click directly on the Comment button, you'll be brought to a feedback page.

Feedback page with form to submit comments

Clicking the arrow next to the document title will expand the document within the feedback page so you can refer to the document while you write your feedback.

Document title on feedback page with expand arrow highlighted

Feedback page with document expanded for reference

The information you enter into this form will be sent to the owner of the KB document, who will make changes as needed and notify you of the resolution of your feedback.


If you have general questions about how to use the SMPH HR KB, be sure to check out the KnowledgeBase User's Guide, which is created and maintained by the DoIT KB Team! Although some information is directed more towards KB administrators, there's lots of good information for regular users too!

Other Issues

If you haven't found the help you need in this document, send us an email and we'll be happy to help!

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