Remote Work Arrangement Request Review Process

This document provides information about the process for reviewing remote work arrangement requests from SMPH employees through the UW-Madison Human Resource System (HRS).


UW-Madison will facilitate requests for remote work arrangements through HRS.

The full process consists of up to five (5) levels of approvers. Level 1 will always be the employee's supervisor and the final level will always be SMPH HR. Department leadership may designate whomever they feel is appropriate to Levels 2, 3, and 4 - up to ten (10) approvers per level. Departments are not required to designate approvers for any of their three available levels - they may decide what is appropriate for their department.

Chart showing remote work request review process, starting with employee submitting the reqeust and then going through the possible 5 levels of approval.

Approver Process

All designated approvers of a specific level will be notified when a request in their department has been sent to their approval level. For example, once the supervisor provides Level 1 Approval, all Level 2 Approvers for the department will receive an email saying they have a request to review. Once Level 2 Approval is provided, all Level 3 Approvers will be emailed, and so on through all approval levels.

Only one approver from each level needs to approve a request, so approvers should develop a plan amongst themselves for how they will address new requests. Emails to approvers will include the employee's employee classification, UDDS, and name to help approvers for specific subdepartments identify which requests require their action.


Example of remote work approval process - supervisor, department IT, division administrator, department administrator, SMPH HRExample of remote work approval process - supervisor, SMPH HR

Example of remote work approval process - supervisor, director, SMPH HR

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