Salary Range Quartiles

This document outlines the salary range quartiles for campus salary ranges.

*Please note there are temporary salary ranges posted on several campus resources. Please continue to use UW-Madison Salary Structure with Midpoints and Quartiles For more information please reference Temporary Salary Range Maximums

Each salary range in the salary structure is made up of Salary Range Quartiles. 

UW-Madison Salary Structure with Midpoints and Quartiles

The Range Quartiles are identified by the general compensable factors and characteristics that we can expect an employee to have when the salary falls within each specific quartile. 

First Quartile Second Quartile  Third Quartile  Fourth Quartile 
Salary Structure Minimum - 25% of salary range 25% - 50% (midpoint) of salary range 50% (midpoint) - 75% of salary range 75% - Maximum of salary range
Salary Grade Position References Emerging in Grade Established in Grade Advanced in Grade
Typical Employee Characteristics

Building both job knowledge and skills as well as the ability to handle the  full breadth of job duties and responsibilities

Employee is working towards proficiency in the job

Possesses all/most of the knowledge and skill requirements, but may  need to build upon them through experience

Performs job responsibilities with increasing effectiveness

May still be learning some aspects of the job or developing expertise to  handle the job more independently and effectively

Has significant relevant experience and possesses all required knowledge  and skills

Seasoned and proficient; consistently exhibits sustained high-level of  proficiency in all aspects of job over an extended period of time

Has broad and deep knowledge of own area as well as related areas

Expert in all job requirements; depth and breadth of experience,  specialized skills, adds significant value to the University

Serves as an expert resource and/or role model/mentor to others

Represents a premium on market salaries; typically reserved for an  employee with exceptional expertise or who has consistently  demonstrated the highest levels of sustained contribution

Can the employee perform the full scope of responsibilities? Some responsibilities Most responsibilities All responsibilities consistently at high proficiency  Exceptional expert in all aspects of job
What level of knowledge and skills does the employee have? Beginner knowledge & Skills Most knowledge & skills All knowledge & skills as well as related areas Great depth & breadth of knowledge and specialized skills
What level of supervision does the employee need? Close supervision General supervision Complete independence Role model of mentor to other
Hiring Guidelines Typical zone for starting salary for an individual with little/or no experience in the job and who is on a steep learning curve Typical zone for starting salary for an individual experienced in most job responsibilities Unlikely to be a typical zone for starting salary except for individuals with extensive direct job experience Rarely appropriate as a zone for a starting salary

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