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Research - Submitting a Proposal

Below are the steps required of the PI, School of Human Ecology preaward research administrator, and RSP, in order to submit an extramural grant proposal.

Proposal Submission

All extramural proposals must be submitted by RSP. To do this, RSP needs the RAMP record and notice from a SoHE research administrator that the proposal is ready for submission.


RAMP one week

10-14 days before the proposal due date

The RAMP record must be certified by the Principal Investigator.
Who does this? Only the PI may certify the RAMP record. The RAMP record must also have an Ancillary Review completed by the PI's Department Chair.
Who requests this? The preaward research administrator will send the Department Chair an Ancillary Review request via RAMP.

7-10 business days before the due date

Proposal must be compiled into the format or system by which it will be submitted. This may require uploading proposal elements to the RAMP SF424 forrms,, ProposalCentral, or a sponsor's online submission system.
Who does this? It depends - either the PI or the preaward research administrator. The PI and research administrator should discuss this early in the proposal preparation process so it's clear who is responsible for this key step.

5-7 business days before the due date

  • The RAMP record must be routed to RSP. This is the way campus units notify RSP that a proposal is ready for submission. Who does this? The preaward research administrator. This step cannot be completed until the PI has certified the RAMP record (step #1 above).
  • The proposal record must be released or finalized in the submission system. Who does this?  It depends - either the PI or the preaward research administrator. It's important to be clear about who is responsible for this step.
  • Proposal is submitted. Who does this? RSP submits all proposals to external funding agencies. In some circumstances, RSP may provide an institutional approval letter for the proposal to the PI or research administrator to complete the submission. But in those cases, early communication with RSP is crucial so that the approval can be given well before the proposal deadline.

Additional Resources

Screenshot from RAMP- What the PI agrees to when certifying the RAMP record

Guide to Submission Steps for Sponsor Electronic Proposal Submission Systems

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