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SoHE Request to Hire Form

Submit the SOHE Request to Hire form per the instructions outlined below.

UW-Madison SoHE Request to Hire Form

***Approvals and Form required for all SoHE Position Requests***

 Link to the SoHE Request to Hire form

Note: Submit One Request for Each Position Title. This form is intended to capture the basic information to determine if a position will proceed to the hiring process. Upon approval, SoHE Human Resources will work with you to create/finalize the PVL and to conduct the hiring process. Please email the completed form to:

The information contained on the form is outlined below.

Submission Date:

Initial Approval:  You must first receive approval from the Dean/Cody Loew to proceed with this process. Do not submit this form (initiating the process), until you have discussed the general position need and received approval to proceed with submitting this form.

Grant-funded non-permanent positions do not require Deans’s approval.

  • Dean or Dean’s Designee approval proceed – Check If received:  ☐

  • Date of meeting/approval to proceed: 

  • For grant funded positions, have you discussed this position with grant manager? – Check If discussed:  ☐ 

Section 1 – Basic Position Information

  • Select one of the two: ☐ New Position    ☐ Replacement

    • If this request to hire pertains to a vacant position that was filled by someone, please list the former incumbent and classification (if known):   

  • Proposed Business Title (required): 

  • SoHE Unit:

  • Select one of the two: ☐ Academic (9-mo)   ☐ Annual (12-mo)

  • Select one of the two: ☐ Renewable (Permanent)   ☐ Terminal

  • Proposed End Date:

  • Select one of the three:  ☐ Faculty   ☐ Instructional Staff   ☐ Non-Instructional Staff

  • Select one of the three: ☐ Waiver Hire (limited term)   ☐ Standard Open Recruitment
                                          ☐ Internal Recruitment (rare and requires prior HR approval)

  • Anticipated Remote/SoHE Location (office if you have proposed space):

    • If Remote proposed work location (if outside of Wisconsin consult HR first):                      

Section 2 - Hiring Supervisor Name:   

Section 3 -   Funding String

Funding string table

 Department ID

Funding Source(s) /Project(s)

Salary Range

Anticipated Hiring Salary

FTE (% or #)






Section 4 – Justification (Provide context for the need of the position, business need, contribution to SoHE plans and priorities, impacts on operations etc. Limit this to one to three paragraphs at most.)    

Section 5 – Proposed Job Summary (Provide a summary of key job duties, areas of responsibilities, etc.  Limit this to one to three paragraphs. This is NOT intended to be a detailed PVL)



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