Equity and Justice Network 2022 Summer Institute

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a page for participants in the Human Ecology E&J Net Summer Institute, June 6-9, 2022


Aside from all the stuff you know you should bring (clothes, toothbrush, meds, phone, ID), here are some items we request that you bring with you:   

  • Laptop or tablet with keyboard (and cords) If you do not have one, please let Carmen know ASAP.  You should plan to bring your laptop with you each day (except for Thursday).  
  • Swimwear and towel:  Though there is no swimming pool at the hotel, some people choose to swim in the lake.  It may be cold. 
  • Phone charger cord
  • Umbrella and backpack (or other tote bag)
  • At least one business professional outfit for a photograph/headshot.  A professional photographer will take individual and group photos on Tuesday.  
  • Leave a little bit of room in your suitcase for the items (handouts, etc) you'll bring back home with you.  We will do our best to not send you home with too much. 
  • Dress is business casual, and summertime Midwest business casual might seem a bit more casual than in other parts of the lower 48.  Use your best judgment, wear comfortable footwear, and dress in layers to manage air conditioning, cooler nights, and sunny days.   
  • Culture Box Items:  
    • A "culture box" contains at least two objects that represent important parts of your life story, especially as related to your social identities.  "Social identities" include, for example, race, gender, ethnicity, age, ability status, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, job status, nationality, veteran status, etc.  Please focus on whatever social identities you feel are most important to your personal story, but make sure at least one of your objects reflects your experiences with your racial identity.  The goal of the box is to help others gain a DEEP understanding of some of the experiences that have made you who you are, including joyous and/or difficult struggles that you have related to your identities. Please let the "culture box" become a way for your Summer Institute colleagues to get to know you even more fully and richly. Be creative, take prudent risks to tell your story deeply (but please don't feel any pressure to reveal anything you don't wish), and have fun!


You will be staying at the Wisconsin Union Hotel--UNION SOUTH.  UW-Madison has two student unions--Memorial Union and Union South--and both have hotel rooms.  Please make sure you remember that you are at the Union South location.  

Wisconsin Union Hotel:  Union South/24 hour front desk service
1308 W. Dayton, Madison, WI 53715
(608) 263-2600

Human Ecology

The School of Human Ecology is home to a number of excellent graduate programs, which you can read about here. You will be engaging with students, faculty, and staff who contribute to each of the academic programs we offer. 

If you are wondering what "Human Ecology" is, here is one way our school talks about it:  "What if we understood ourselves and the people around us in ways that made us happier, healthier, and better prepared to change the world?"

If, after this week, you decide to apply to a graduate program at the School of Human Ecology, your application fee will be waived.  

Madison and Down Time

You will have some down time and at least one night (Wednesday) to find dinner on your own.  Everyone has a different take on what the best parts of Madison are; you may want to ask the graduate students you meet what theirs are.  The schedule offers a few ideas, and here are some links to consider as well: 

Things to do in Madison

Campus Events Calendar 

Campus and Visitor Relations:  Plan your visit (also includes other information for prospective students and background about campus life) 


People on college campuses have all sorts of opinions about what they liked to be called.  At UW-Madison and perhaps at many large Midwest schools, professors and staff members often simply go by their first names, but some like to be called by their title (Dean Smith or Dr. Smith).  If you are unsure, it's always OK to ask, and if it feels awkward to switch to first names after calling all your professors Dr. or Professor, it's OK!  Remember that it is somewhat common for both faculty and staff to have advanced degrees at larger campuses, so even if someone is a staff member, they may still have worked very hard for their Ph.D. and wish to be called Dr. 

We will wear nametags for the week, both so you can know one another better but also so the guest presenters can get to know you. 


The schedule for the week is exciting and full, and will ONLY be hosted online (no paper copies). We will review it verbally each day.  Hyperlinks have been provided to faculty and student bios, and we encourage you to read more about the presenters and faculty who are available to meet with you.  

Access the schedule here (subject to change; please check regularly!):  


Despite all best efforts, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to ensure that you have the first half of your stipend in your bank accounts in advance of next week.  We raised the student stipend and had hoped offer you half to offset any travel costs you may incur there or back, but it looks as though you will all (faculty and students) receive your stipends after the week is done. Setting up direct deposit is the fastest way to receive your stipend.  Apologies for this delay and the headache of all the forms--it's been a nightmare for us, too!   

Travel costs 

In a separate email, you will receive information about who is attending and when their flights arrive/depart Madison so that you may coordinate among yourselves regarding cabs if you wish.  

You are responsible for all travel-related costs that we have not covered:  checked baggage fees, cab fare in your departure cities, meals on the road, and meals not otherwise covered by the program.  Again, we had hoped you'd have a bit of stipend money in advance to offset these costs, but it will come to you soon after the week is over.  

Refer to the schedule document if you run into travel concerns:  there is a 24 hour help line to access the travel agency. 


It looks like we'll have beautiful weather (mid 50s-mid 70s) with light showers. You may want to add Madison to your phone's weather app.  Bring an umbrella and plan to dress in layers.  You might be surprised how cool 60 degrees can feel next to the lake! 

10 day weather forecast


When you check into the hotel, the front desk staff can walk you through how to set up a guest wireless account.  You may also find that your eduroam account works.  Either way, you will find it most useful if your devices are connected to campus wifi for the week.  

Questions? Comments? 

Some of the content on this page is a direct response to questions some of you have asked over the past few months!  PLEASE feel free to email Carmen with concerns, questions, or comments--we want to make this trip as comfortable and welcoming as possible as we are able.  

Carmen.Juniper.Neimeko@wisc.edu (she/her/hers, call me Carmen)

-- School of Human Ecology: Carmen Juniper

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