Business Office - Travel Planning

Travel planning guidelines from the SoHE Business Office.

The information below addresses the most common travel costs and policies. A more complete guide to UW Travel policies can be found at Business Services website.

Please Remember…

My Corporate Card

  1. If you travel a lot, this may be a good option. The My Corporate Card streamlines and automates travel and expense reimbursement for UW employees. 
  2. It is issued by US Bank for travel + business-related expenses while in travel status. The cardholder is personally liable for charges, but UW will pay US Bank directly to cover business-related charges claimed through e-reimbursement.

Meals & Incidentals Per Diems (click for information on reimbursement)

Personal Vehicles/Mileage (click for information on reimbursement)


Fleet Vehicles

Lodging (click for reimbursement information)

Airfare (click for reimbursement information)

International Travel

Vehicle Rental (click for reimbursement information)


Internet Connection Fees

Phone Calls

If you have a question on an item not listed above, please refer to UW TravelWise Travel Policies or contact Susan Kitts or Jane Rolfsmeyer in the Business Office.