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Connecting to Linstat from Outside the US

While all computers are subject to regular attacks today, Linux servers draw particular attention. Most attacks originate outside the United States, while most SSCC members are in the United States. SSCC therefore blocks standard Secure Shell (ssh) connections to Linstat from outside the United States. This reduces the number of attacks Linstat is subjected to, but SSCC members can still connect to Linstat from anywhere in the world using one of the following easy methods depending on where you are:

Off Campus but Inside the United States

If you are off campus but inside the United States you can connect directly to Linstat without needing VPN, however, you will need to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access Linstat.

Off Campus Outside the United States

If you are off campus and outside the United States, you must use either connect to the SSCC network using VPN or log in to Winstat and then connect to Linstat from within your Winstat session.

On Campus

If you are located on campus, you can access Linstat directly without the need for MFA, VPN, or by using Winstat.

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