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Connecting to Winstat from a Raspberry Pi

Follow these instructions to connect to Winstat on your Raspberry Pi thin client.
Before connecting to Winstat, please keep in mind the SSCC's usage guidelines: Using Winstat

Connecting to Winstat

  1. Double-click on the "Winstat" icon on the Raspberry Pi desktop
  2. Provide your SSCC username and password in the dialogue box, and click "Sign In"
  3. If you receive an error when trying to sign in, try adding "primo\" in front of your SSCC username and then attempt to sign in again.
    Launching Winstat from Desktop Icon
  4. After authenticating, a menu will present you with the available Citrix sessions that you can connect to. Note: some users may only have permission to access Winstat while others will see multiple resources listed. Do not attempt to connect to resources you are not authorized to use. 
  5. Double-click on the resource to initiate a connection.
    Menu of Available Citrix Resources
  6. You will be automatically logged in and connected to your session on Winstat.

Disconnecting from Winstat

When you are finished working on Winstat you must terminate your session. You can do so by clicking "Sign Out" from the user shortcut in the Start Menu.
Signing out of Winstat

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