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Connecting to Your Office PC Using Remote Desktop (macOS)

Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your office computer from home or another remote location. The result is similar to logging in to Winstat, though Winstat will generally give you better performance and stability. However, if you have software on your office computer that is not available on Winstat, remote desktop will allow you to use that software from home. Connecting to your office computer using Remote Desktop is a great back-up plan in case you can't log in to Winstat, and we suggest all SSCC members learn how to do so.

Connecting to Your Office Computer

Remote Desktop Connection software can be downloaded and installed for free from the Mac App Store. Once installed, it can be found in the Applications folder.

  1. To set up your connection, click New in the upper left hand corner. Enter a name for the connection (ex. "My SSCC Desktop"), and the name of your office computer. Enter the name of your office computer and your SSCC credentials (using primo\username in the User Name field).
  2. From the Gateway dropdown box select Add Gateway to open the Gateway Preferences.
  3. To add a new gateway, select Add Gateway from the drop down menu. In the Gateway Name field enter SSCC RDG. In Server name enter Choose Use Desktop User Account and click Add.
  4. Select the newly created gateway from the drop down menu and then close the Edit Remote Desktops window. You can now select the connection and Start to begin your remote desktop session.

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