UW-Madison Qualtrics - Service Eligibility and Requirements

There is no fee or registration required before a University affiliate can begin using Qualtrics Survey Hosting Service. There are, however, a few prerequisites to using the service, as described below.

Role Requirements

All users of Qualtrics must either be a student or a staff member with a valid, active appointment. Users with Special Authorization (such as retirees and Hospital Staff without a University Staff appointment) are not eligible for the system.

If you do not have a valid appointment and wish to use the system, please contact your local HR/Payroll division regarding your appointment type.

Note: These requirements only refer to who can access the Qualtrics system. Anyone (regardless of UW affiliation) can take a Qualtrics survey.

Technical Requirements


In order to access your account in the UW Madison Qualtrics Brand you must have an active NetId.

Email Address

The email address associated with your Qualtrics account will be the primary address that you have listed with the UW Madison:

  • Students

    If you are a student, the email address associated with your Qualtrics account will default to your UW Madison O365 email address automatically. However, if you also have a faculty or staff position the address will be your Campus Business email address.

    • Faculty/Staff

      The email address associated with your Qualtrics account will be set to your Campus Business Email Address. For information about how to change that address please see MyUW Madison - Update Campus Business Email Contact


    Students who have withheld any information from the University directory under FERPA, please be aware that by logging into the UW Madison Qualtrics Service your NetId, full name and email will appear in a directory for searching purposes to share surveys with other University of Wisconsin-Madison Qualtrics service users.

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