Teaching Remotely

A description of online tools and links to resources for Canvas, BBCollaborate, and Kaltura Capture
This document has four sections:
  • Canvas / Collaborate -- recommended for centralizing course related materials; materials easily accessible by students; students automatically added
  • Pre-recorded lectures -- perhaps the easiest method of alternative delivery of instruction.
  • MS Teams -- perfect for small group, or 1-1 meetings.
  • Other Resources of possible interest.

Getting Started with Canvas (Canvas Website)

Additional Resources

Getting Started with Prerecorded Lectures(Campus Lecture Repository)

Additional Resources

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams(Teams Website)

  • Installation
    When prompted to log in, use your normal @wisc.edu email address, you'll then be prompted for your NetID and password, followed by your MFA DUO confirmation.
  • Easy Virtual Calls
    • Chat -- spontaneous person to person, or small group
    • Schedule a meeting via calendar (has link to share in email)
    • Joining a meeting from a link -- It's another school's instructions, references to their email system should be treated as references to the campus email system.  It's at https://kb.cvtc.edu/98728
  • Shared power point from both presenter and presentee points of view

Additional Resources

Other Resources

Campus Instructional Continuity Page