Remote Mac Setup- User Guide

This document is targeted at the WCER end user for use as a guide for the initial setup of remotely managed (i.e., Workspace ONE) macOS devices. This is useful for Macs which are issued to remote employees, or situations where there is little to no administrator interaction.


Out of Box Setup

Select a language then press the “return” key or click on the arrow-shaped button in the lower right corner.


Select Your Country or Region
Select your country or region and click the “Continue” button.
If you are in the US, your network beacon should automatically select "United States" if you wait a moment.

Select Your Country or Region

Press the “Not Now” button if you do not need any of these settings enabled.


Select Your Wi-Fi Network
Choose your local Wi-Fi network from the list and press the “Continue” button.
You will then need to enter the Wi-Fi password (or NetID credentials for UWNet) to establish an Internet connection.

Select your Wi-Fi Network

Remote Management
This screen informs you that this is a supervised device, managed remotely by UW-Madison.

Click on the “Continue” button

Remote Management

Authenticate using UW NetID credentials
Enter your UW NetID username and password then click on the "Connect" button.

Device Authenitcation

Remote Management Enrollment Progress
The screen below should appear indicating that the various tasks of the  Workspace ONE  enrollment process being carried out.

NOTE: The window may be blank for a period of time in the beginning of this process and may take some time.

Applying Settings

Enable Location Services
Place a check in the “Enable Location Services on this Mac” checkbox, then click on the “Continue” button.

Enable Location Services


First Login

The out of box setup is now complete and you should now be at the macOS login screen.
The first time you login to the Mac, you will use your UW NetID password.

macOS login screen

Enable FileVault Encryption
Choose "Enable Now" to encrypt the Mac's startup volume.
Press the "Continue" button when encryption is complete.

FileVault - Enable Now

Updating Managed Settings
At this point, the setup process will fully take over and you will soon see the Mac desktop.

Updating Managed Settings


Default Application Installs

Once the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is fully installed, applications will begin to download and install automatically in the background.

You can begin to use your computer, but some applications may not be available for some time, depending on the quality of your Internet connection. Most applications will install in the background. Once an application is done installing, you can find it inside the "Applications" folder within "Macintosh HD".

Some applications require your input to completely install. Below are some windows which will pop-up as applications are being installed:

Microsoft 365 (Office)

    Click the "OK" button on Microsoft's Required Data Notice notification.

    Required Data Notice

Cisco Secure Endpoint Connector

    1) Allow Filter Network Content
        When prompted to allow filtering of network content, please choose "Allow".

        Cisco- Allow Filter Network Content

    2) Grant Full Disk Access
        The Cisco Secure Endpoint menu bar icon will be flashing a warning triangle— "Allow"Cisco Endpoint Service .

       Please follow the instructions linked below to complete the required action:
       Grant Full Disk Access for Cisco Secure Endpoint


SSO Extension 

Once the GlobalProtect VPN is connected, the SSO Extension Sign in window will appear and prompt you for your WCER username and password and then begin the process of syncing your local login password with your WCER password.

For details, please follow the instructions within the Getting Connected section of the KB article linked below:
Single Sign-on (SSO) Extension: Mac

     SSO Entension sign-in window


Background Items and Notifications

As applications continue to load for the first time, your Mac will inform you of any background items being added or may ask for permission to display notifications from certain applications to you as needed.
Choosing "Allow" is advised in most cases.

macOS notification alerts and banners


Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Other applications are available "on-demand" through the UW app catalog, which you can open by clicking on the "Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub" app in your applications folder or from the Mac menu bar.
See this KB for additional help:

NOTE: It may take several minutes before the Intelligent Hub appears for the first time.

Choose "Launch Intelligent Hub" to open the application from the Mac menu bar.

Intelligent Hub menu bar icon

Configure Applications and Settings

At this time, if you have never done so before or don't feel comfortable doing so,  please contact the WCER Research IT help desk so that we can assist you with the preliminary setup of the following:


Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive)
M365 (Microsoft Office) icon

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook
  2. Type your UW NetID email ( in the Email address field and click the blue "Continue" button. Do not use your email address.
  3. UW-Madison's NetID login screen will open, and you will log in with your UW NetID username and password, followed by Duo multi-factor authentication.

     NOTE: This will accomplish the activation of Outlook, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint.
                 To activate Teams and OneDrive, launch them and repeat this process.

Adobe Creative Cloud (Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.)
Adobe Creative Cloud icon

If Adobe Creative Cloud is not already installed, open the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and install it. Once installed, you will need to sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) using your UW NetID credentials to use it and any apps which are installed by the Creative Cloud desktop app.

      How to Sign In to Adobe Creative Cloud:

    1.  Type your UW NetID email ( in the Email address field and click the blue Continue button. Do not use your email address.
    2. UW-Madison's NetID login screen will open, and you will log in with your UW NetID username and password, followed by Duo multi-factor authentication.
    3. After you finish logging in with your NetID, you'll be returned to the Creative Cloud Desktop app with your available applications displayed. From there, you can install, update, or open the apps.
    4. If at any point you're presented with a choice between Personal Account and Company or School Account when signing in, choose Company or School Account (see image below).

              Choose "Company or School Account"

       After getting Adobe CC activated, you can add Acrobat by clicking Install. It may take several minutes for both Adobe CC and Acrobat to install and update. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and/or follow this setup guide.

If you have any questions or if you have trouble with any of these steps, please contact WCER's Research IT Help Desk —



Transferring Data

Users will need to manually transfer their data from a backup such as a Time Machine volume, or by using a cloud storage, network, or some other external storage device.

NOTE: It is our strong recommendation that important data never be kept on the local machine, but should instead be kept in a WCER project folder, UW Research drive, or other campus provided storage location such as Box or OneDrive. This not only adds protection of data from loss due to theft or device failure, it makes data transfer to a new computer easier.

What about Migration Assistant?
Please do not use Migration Assistant when setting up a new WCER-provided Mac. Migration Assistant is not designed for use in a managed school/corporate environment.
If you use it, it could undo all of the work that you just completed and we may need to erase your Mac and start over.

Please contact WCER Research IT's help desk if you need advice or assistance with data transfers or choosing storage locations.

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