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Web Hosting - Resetting the Administrative Control Panel (Plesk) Password

This page contains information about resetting your Plesk Control Panel password for Windows/IIS and LAMP web accounts.


  • A standard Web Hosting account uses a unique email address for password retrieval in the form of, where "accountID" is the same as the primary account ID and SecureFTP login ID for the account. Log in to your Web Hosting Account to find your account ID and/or manage contacts for the account, which populates the Google Group (
  • On the restricted data platforms we configure users with individual accounts (non-role based), which are supplied to the account contacts.

Resetting a Lost/Forgotten Password

Note: This is not the same as resetting your Secure FTP password. For information about resetting your Secure FTP password,
please see Web Hosting - Resetting Secure FTP Passwords.

Follow these instructions to reset your lost or forgotten Control Panel password:

  1. Go to the Universal Control Panel login page.
  2. Enter your domain for the login ID and leave the password field empty, then click Login.
  3. When you are directed to the panel-specific login page for your domain, click Forgot your password?
  4. On the next page, enter your primary domain name in the login ID/Username field and your custom address ( in the email field.
  5. Password instructions will then be sent to the Administrator and Maintainer contacts for the account.

Note: Accounts with multiple domains (not including TEST) are managed in one web control panel view. Your primary domain is the login ID for all domains associated with your account. Once you are logged in, you can toggle between the domains you want to manage by using the dropdown menu at the top of the control panel.

Changing an Existing Password

Follow these instructions if you know your current Plesk Control Panel password:

Windows/IIS Accounts

  1. Log in to the Plesk Control Panel
  2. Select the Domain Administrator Access icon.
  3. Under Preferences, enter a new password.

LAMP Accounts:


  1. Log in to the Plesk Control Panel
  2. Hover over Logged in as [your ID] and click Edit Profile.
  3. Enter a new password under Panel Preferences. You can also generate a random valid password using the Generate and Show buttons.

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