WIRB Gateway Statement

The Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards (HS IRBs) have contracted with a commercial IRB, the Western IRB (WIRB), for the review of the majority of industry-sponsored research studies that are not investigator initiated. Therefore, industry-sponsored protocols, with some exceptions, are reviewed by WIRB instead of the HS IRBs.

When using WIRB, your contact with the HS IRBs Office is through the Reliance Team. The Reliance Team is the UW-Madison research team's liaison between the HS IRBs Office and WIRB and can provide guidance regarding the preparation of submissions for WIRB and their submission. Please see Contact Information for further assistance.

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For questions, contact the submitwirb@medicine.wisc.edu.

Who Is My IRB of Record?

Once a research study has has been approved by WIRB all change in research, updates to conflict of interest, unanticipated problems, adverse events, noncompliance, and continuing reviews fall under purview of WIRB. If you have questions about your approval or need direction about new study activities, please call WIRB at 1-866-956-2467 and ask for the institutions group. The UW Reliance Team will still be available to consult and assist you with your needs regardless of who is your IRB of Record.