Group Project Planning Worksheet

A worksheet for planning and designing group projects for your course

The following worksheet was presented at the Teaching at UW session "Structuring Effective Group Project" presented by the Center for Teaching, Learning & Mentoring on March 4, 2022.

Planning worksheet
Task Plan
Project description
Provide a short description of what students will be tasked with doing. State how the project supports the course's learning outcome(s).
Group creation
How will you arrange your groups? Why is this the desired approach to arranging project groups? (e.g., interest-based, pre-assigned,  self-selected)
Core project expectations
What are the core components that you want to assess? These will likely be related to the aligned course outcome(s).
What are the key milestones you want to set for feedback opportunities? Who will offer feedback (e.g., instructor, peers, others, etc.) 
Accountability measures
What accountability measures will you use for this group project (e.g., team contracts, contribution logs, team member evaluations, reflections, etc.)? 
What technologies could be utilized to support your group project? What kinds of tech support might be needed for learners?

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