CCI Private Cloud - Logging In to a Virtual Machine for the First Time

Portal - Login Information

  1. Select Resources > Deployments
    • Select the Deployment that you'd like to access
      • If the deployment you are looking for does not appear you may have to adjust the filter
        • Locate the funnel icon next to Deployments at the top
        • A filter menu should pop up on the left of your screen.  You can set filters based on your Projects and Owner to narrow down to your particular Deployment/VM
  2. Open the Deployment
  3. Click on the VM icon and choose the Actions menu, select Connect to Remote Console
    • You may need to allow pop-ups from *
  4. Enter appropriate username and the temporary administrator password provided at the time of the VM creation:
    • Windows user: Administrator
    • Linux user: root
  5. Reset the Administrator/root password immediately upon logging in if needed.
  6. Update the VM:
    • Windows
      • Run Windows Update
    • Linux
      • CentOS Linux:
        • Versions prior to 8
          • yum -y update
        • Versions 8 or later
          • dnf -y upgrade
      • Oracle Linux:
        • Versions prior to 8
          • yum -y update
        • Versions 8 or later
          • sed -i 's/enabled=1/enabled=0/g' /etc/yum.repos.d/uek-ol8.repo
          • dnf -y upgrade
      • Scientific Linux:
        • yum -y update
      • Ubuntu Linux:
        • apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
        • apt autoremove -y (not on 14.04)
  7. Install a vulnerability scanning product:
    • Vulnerability scanning
  8. Install an endpoint protection product:
    • Endpoint management
  9. Install a data discovery tool:
    • Data discovery (Spirion)
  10. Some key combinations cannot be sent using the keyboard. The following key combinations have buttons as a replacement:
    • Ctrl+Alt+Del
    • Ctrl+C
  11. To release the cursor from the guest, press Ctrl+Alt

Incident Reporting & Technical Support

CCI Private Cloud Incident Reporting

  • Customers should contact the DoIT Help Desk to report an incident or check the outages page for an CCI Private Cloud incident.
  • Formal support is provided for CCI Private Cloud during business hours only. After-hours support is best effort.

CCI Private Cloud Technical Support

  • Customers should contact the DoIT Help Desk or email with support requests.
  • CCI Private Cloud technologists will respond to all support requests by the end of the following business day.


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