CCI Private Cloud - Accessing a Virtual Machine Console

This document details the process for connecting to a VM console.

If this is a first-time access to a new VM, see CCI Private Cloud - Logging In to a Virtual Machine for the First Time

Note: VM consoles are not accessible from UWNet (includes eduroam) and ResNet. Departmental VPN or WiscVPN must be used to access VM consoles from a campus wireless connection.

Portal - Login Information

    1. Select Resources > Deployments
      • Select the Deployment that you'd like to access
        • If the deployment you are looking for does not appear you may have to adjust the filter
          • Locate the funnel icon next to Deployments at the top
          • A filter menu should pop up on the left of your screen.  You can set filters based on your Projects and Owner to narrow down to your particular Deployment/VM
    2. Open the Deployment
    3. Click on the VM item (Cloud.vSphere.Machine) in the topology view and choose the Actions menuselect Connect to Remote Console
    4. Some key combinations cannot be sent using the keyboard. The following key combinations have buttons as a replacement:
      • Ctrl+Alt+Del
      • Ctrl+C
    5. Ctrl+Alt - To release the cursor from the guest

remote console

Incident Reporting & Technical Support

CCI Private Cloud Incident Reporting

  • Customers should contact the DoIT Help Desk to report an incident or check the outages page for an CCI Private Cloud incident.
  • Formal support is provided for CCI Private Cloud during business hours only. After-hours support is best effort.

CCI Private Cloud Technical Support

  • Customers should contact the DoIT Help Desk or email with support requests.
  • CCI Private Cloud technologists will respond to all support requests by the end of the following business day.


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