CCI Private Cloud - Changing the Memory Configuration of a VM

This document details the process for adding or removing memory.

Portal - Login Information

  1. Select the Resources tab.
  2. Select the Deployments tab.
    • Select the Filter icon, if needed.
  3. Locate the VM needing the additional.
  4. Expand the deployment and highlight the VM.
  5. Select the three dots next to the virtual machine.
  6. Select Resize from drop-down menu.
  7. Memory (Total Memory in MB)
    • Increase size in MB (1024 MB = 1 GB)
  8. Submit
  9. If the VM was powered on at the time of reconfiguration, it will be shut down in order to perform the reconfiguration.
    • Note: Other actions may be unavailable until the reconfigure action is executed.

        Incident Reporting & Technical Support

        CCI Private Cloud Incident Reporting

        • Customers should contact the DoIT Help Desk to report an incident or check the outages page for an CCI Private Cloud incident.
        • Formal support is provided for CCI Private Cloud during business hours only. After-hours support is best effort.

        CCI Private Cloud Technical Support

        • Customers should contact the DoIT Help Desk or email with support requests.
        • CCI Private Cloud technologists will respond to all support requests by the end of the following business day.


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