HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Creating Survey Metrics (Admin) [UW-Madison]

This document describes how to add metrics to an HelioCampus AC survey form. You must be an HelioCampus AC administrator to edit survey forms.

Metrics Overview

In HelioCampus AC course evaluations, a metric is an optional feature that can combine the responses from multiple survey questions.

An example may be an "Overall Instructor" metric. The survey may contain three separate survey questions that evaluate the instructor's "availability", "presentation effectiveness", and "approachability". A survey metric can combine the responses from these three related questions, to produce a single composite score.

A HelioCampus AC course evaluation may contain zero, one or two metrics. These metrics will be conveniently displayed on the instructor's HelioCampus AC dashboard in the “My Course Evaluations” panel. Metrics also will appear in multiple reports.

For survey questions to be combined in a metric, three things must be true:

  1. The questions must be of the same question type.
  2. The question type must be one that captures numeric values for the responses.
  3. The questions must have the same number of possible answers.

Most commonly, metrics are used for either Instructor Multi-Choice or Multi-Choice, Single Answer questions.

Create HelioCampus AC Metrics

Before creating HelioCampus AC metrics, you must:

  1. Create an HelioCampus AC survey form (HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Creating a Survey Form (Admin) [UW-Madison])
  2. Add survey questions (HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Creating and Editing Questions (Admin) [UW-Madison]).

Then, you can proceed to create HelioCampus AC metrics.

Navigate to Survey Forms

  1. Log into HelioCampus AC with your NetID credentials.
  2. Select the Menu button (three stacked lines) on the left side of the page to open the HelioCampus AC main menu.
  3. Select Survey Form Designer under Surveys.
    HelioCampus AC menu with Survey Form Designer highlighted

Edit Your Survey Forms

  1. Navigate to the form you want to edit. Confirm that the survey form is in Draft status and select Manage.
    Image shows survey form listing in HelioCampus AC

  2. Select Metrics from the left menu bar.
    Survey Template sidebar is displayed, with Metrics highlighted

  3. Click Edit to launch Survey Metric Designer.
    Image shows Edit button on Survey Template Metrics page

  4. Select the + Add Metric button from the top of the screen.
    Image of +Add Metric button

  5. Enter a Metric Name and Description. Use the blue Save button to save your metric shell.
    Image shows popup of Metric editor

    • The Metric Name will be seen by instructors, so enter something descriptive such as "Average Instructor Score" or "Instructor Preparedness Rating."
    • The Description is an optional field that will only be seen by other administrators. Enter a brief description that will help you identify the purpose of the metric.
    • After you create your metric, you can go back and edit the name or description by hovering over the three vertical dots and selecting the Edit Metric icon, represented by a pencil.
      Edit Metric icon, as described in previous bullet

  6. Add questions to your metric by hovering over the three vertical dots and selecting the Add Questions button, represented by horizontal line icon and a plus sign.
    Add Question button, which is placed alongside the Edit Metric button

  7. Check the boxes next to the question or questions you want to add, and use the gray + Add button to add them to your metric. All metrics must include at least one question. Additionally, each question can only be used for one metric.

    Note: HelioCampus AC only allows one type of question per metric. You can determine a question's type by looking at the upper-right corner of the question tile. In the screenshot above, the question type is Instructor Multi Choice. On this metric, only Instructor Multi-Choice questions can be selected; not course multi-choice questions. However, you can create an additional metric where you can choose to add course multiple-choice questions.

    Image shows survey questions with checkbox beside them selected

  8. If you wish to add a second metric, repeat this process.
  9. When finished adding metrics to this survey form, Click EXIT.
    Survey Metric Designer is open with Exit button highlighted

How Metrics Appear on the HelioCampus AC Dashboard (For Instructors)

The evaluation results of any HelioCampus AC course survey can be found on your HelioCampus AC dashboard, in the panel called "My Course Evaluations".

When a metric has been set up for a course survey, it will appear in that panel, as presented here (see area boxed in orange below).

Metrics on dashboard

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