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General Student Services Fund Eligibility Process and Procedures

Last updated 12/11/2020
The eligibility process starts at the end of the spring semester when eligibility applications open for submission. Eligibility applications are filled out electronically and cover all of the programming your organization intends to do while also meeting the eligibility criteria to become a GSSF organization.

Eligibility applications are evaluated under viewpoint neutrality, meaning that the content of your organization's programming is not taken into consideration by the Student Services Finance Committee.

Timeline/Process for Eligibility:
  • An organization meets with the ASM Funding Advisor to discuss their eligibility application and programming plans, begins preparing their materials to include their budget application as well, and submits these on time by the due date outlined in the SSFC Calendar.
  • If the committee finds that the organization's application is complete, the organization will receive a hearing date and a decision date.
  • On the hearing date: the organization will prepare an up to 20 minute presentation discussing their eligibility, programming, and other information as desired with the committee. The organization can prepare visuals such as PowerPoints, flyers, etc. to help describe their programming to the committee, but it is not required.
  • On the hearing date: after the organization has presented, the committee can ask relevant questions to the eligibility process or ask for further clarification as needed.
  • On the decision date: the committee will determine if the organization meets the Eligibility Criteria as found in the ASM Constitution and Bylaws (subsection 2.032).
Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
  • How should I prepare for my eligibility hearing?
    • Read the Eligibility Criteria fully.
    • Meet with the ASM Funding Advisor to talk through your programming, questions, and how they meet the criteria.
    • Be as thorough as possible when answering the Eligibility Application Materials.
    • Read through past materials your organization may have submitted.
  • What if our eligibility application is turned in late?
    • Because the Eligibility Application is turned in electronically, it's imperative that you are timely with your submissions. We understand there may be extenuating circumstances, but you should begin communicating these early or as soon as possible so the SSFC can determine if they will approve any extensions.
  • If my group doesn't meet one of the criteria, can we still be granted eligibility?
    • No, eligibility is determined on an all-or-nothing basis. SSFC members fill out an Eligibility Voting Sheet and must vote yes on every question to be able to approve an organization for eligibility into the GSSF.
  • Can I talk to committee members before the hearing about our eligibility application?
    • Yes! Meeting with committee members is encouraged and a great way to clarify questions and become more familiar with the process. Any communication, however, must be documented via a Lobbying Disclosure Form.
  • Where can we find the application?
    • The application will be posted on the ASM-GSSF webpage at the end of the spring semester and will be open until the due date indicated on the SSFC Calendar.
  • What is open forum? Should we have people speak on our behalf in open forum?
    • At the beginning of each SSFC meeting, any UW-Madison student may sign up to speak in Open Forum. Each speaker is given three minutes to address the committee. Non-students may speak so long as there is no objection from the SSFC. If you are going to have supporters speak on your organization's behalf, it's important to note that the SSFC evaluates on a Viewpoint Neutral basis. Speakers should speak to the eligibility criteria, how the organization has given them an educational benefit, etc., not just that they enjoy the organization personally.

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