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UW-Independent Learning and the Tuition Waiver

This document provides information about UW-Independent Learning, and eligibility requirements for the tuition waiver. Students should also refer to the Student Guidance for Concurrent Enrollment KnowledgeBase document (linked below) for more information.

UW-Independent Learning

UW Independent Learning (UW-IL) is a part of UW Extended Campus that offers self-paced remote courses. UW Extended Campus is not part of UW-Madison, so like other external coursework, courses taken through UW-IL are considered concurrent enrollment and will appear on the transcript as transfer credit. Students are expected to review the Student Guidance for Concurrent Enrollment Knowledgebase before enrolling. It is strongly recommended that students talk with their academic advisor as well.

Important Note for UW-Madison Students Maintaining an F-1 or J-1 Visa: UW-Independent Learning courses do not count toward the minimum credit hours that you need to maintain your visa status. If you have questions about maintaining your F-1 or J-1 visa status, please contact International Student Services (ISS) at UW-Madison.

Tuition Waiver

Students who plan to pursue concurrent enrollment with UW-Independent Learning may be eligible for a tuition waiver if certain criteria are met. With a tuition waiver, UW-Madison will pay all or part of the tuition for the UW Independent Learning course.

To be eligible for the UW Independent Learning Tuition Waiver:

  1. The UW-IL course must count toward a graduation requirement.
  2. The UW-IL course must be taken during a single semester/term (Fall, Spring, or Summer term). Students must start the UW-IL course at the start of the UW-Madison semester and complete it on or before the last date of classes of that semester. Students are strongly recommended to review the official first and last class days for the semester.
  3. Students must request the waiver and enroll in the course by the UW-Madison add deadline to add a course without department permission; (second Friday of the semester for Fall/Spring).  Waivers requested before the start of the semester will be processed one week before the first day of class for that semester.
  4. Students must be enrolled full time at UW-Madison for the semester (minimum of 12 credits during fall/spring or 6 credits in the 8-week DHH session for the summer). The UW-IL credits are in addition to the minimum full-time enrollment at UW-Madison. See below for credit overload considerations.

If the tuition waiver is approved, UW-Madison pays UW-IL for the credits the student is taking within the full-time tuition plateau for that semester.  The full-time tuition plateau is 12-18 credits in fall/spring and 6-9 credits in the summer, with at least 6 credits in the DHH session. If a student exceeds these credits between the two campuses (18 in fall/spring or 9 in summer), they will be responsible for paying for the additional credit(s) to UW-IL.

Students above the maximum allowable credits (18 credits in fall/spring and 12 credits in the summer spread across the 12 weeks of summer) must also have received prior approval for a credit overload (See Credit Overload). Note that the tuition plateau in the summer is different from the maximum allowable credits.

Students who receive the tuition waiver are still responsible for the administrative fee for enrolling in a UW-IL course.

To request the tuition waiver, students should complete the Tuition Waiver Form and schedule an appointment with a CALS Dean on Call for approval.

Reviewed by CALS Curriculum Committee May 17, 2024.

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