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EMA 201 Guidelines from Academic Departments

A departmental summary for EMA 201 and how they view it as fulfilling their physics curricular requirement.
Biochemistry If a student has taken EMA 201 and is double majoring in either BSE or Biomedical Engineering (and is actually finishing that other major), I will count EMA 201 for Physics 201/207 as they will take many other courses that are physics related as part of their curriculum for the other major. If they took EMA 201 and then switched out of engineering before taking more courses, they can either:
  • take an additional course from either EMA 303, ME 306, EMA 202, ME 240 (dynamics-focused courses), OR
  • go back and take either Physics 201 or 207
Biology If a student starts down the EMA track and completes EMA 201, the student is required to complete EMA 202 and a second semester of intro physics, 104 OR 208. EMA 201 essentially covers half of the first semester of intro physics (Statics) and students miss a fair chunk of material. IF a student does not want to take EMA 202, then we require the student to complete a full intro sequence: 103 + 104 OR 207 + 208
Environmental Science EMA 201 accepted as Physics 201
Food Science EMA 201 accepted as any 1st semester Physics
Forest Science Case-by-case basis
Genetics EMA 201 accepted as any 1st semester Physics
Microbiology EMA 201 accepted as any 1st semester Physics
Soil Science No exception for EMA 201
Wildlife Ecology Case-by-case basis

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