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Independent Study

Students wishing to take independent study classes (e.g., 299 for freshmen/sophomores or 699 for juniors/seniors) will need to get permission from the faculty member mentoring or supervising their independent study. The faculty members will give the student the name of the person in his or her department who is responsible for entering the authorization for students for independent study classes into the registration system. Once this has been done, that person will give the student the 5 digit registration number or let the student know that s/he has received permission to enroll. The student will then need to add the class using the Enroll App or the Student Center in MyUW. There is no limit on the number of credits a student may receive for courses numbered 299 or 699.

Students are responsible for initiating and developing arrangements with the instructor. Students make the request to the instructor, who may accept or decline. The arrangements should be made by the course add deadline, usually the end of the second week for fall and spring semesters, and varying dates throughout the summer sessions. The student and the instructor prepare a written study plan and determine the time and place for regular meetings, the number of credits to be earned, and how to enroll in the course. Per the campus policy on independent study, "Students are responsible for preparing a written study plan, in collaboration and agreement with the instructor, consistent with the responsibilities of the instructor. The study plan will include expectations for learning and student work, the time and place for regular meetings, the number of credits to be earned, and any other issues related to the learning experience. Both the student and the instructor keep a copy of the agreement as important reference document." See the full campus policy here.

Students who enroll late need additional approvals. Enrollments after the course add deadline (the end of the second week of class in fall and spring semesters; consult appropriate sources for summer sessions) but within the first half of the semester require approval from the instructor and departmental administration. Students who enroll after the semester is more than half completed must have the approval from the instructor, the departmental administrator or designee, and an academic dean. The written study plan is one document that will be used as a basis for approval. Approval should only be given if the study plan is appropriate for the amount of work that can be accomplished at the late date in the semester, recognizing that the work for the specified number of credits must now fit into a compressed time frame.

A student may not enroll for directed study for a prior semester once the semester has ended, including work completed over the summer term. Exceptions may be made for students who were enrolled in other directed/independent study courses or group instruction courses in the prior semester that were converted to directed/independent study courses; requires dean’s office approval.

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