Additional Major/Degree Policy and Process

This document explains the policy on double majors/dual degrees for CALS students as well as the process to apply to complete multiple majors/degrees.

CALS students who wish to complete multiple majors or degrees are required to submit an application to CALS Academic Affairs for review and approval. The application process is detailed in the video below. Students are required to watch the 15-minute video prior to completing the application forms and meeting with their advisors. A complete application packet includes:

  1. Appropriate application form with advisors’ signatures
  3. Personal statement and appeals if applicable
  4. Eligibility assessment Form
  5. Four year course completion plan (strongly encouraged)
Completed application packets can be submitted to 116 Agricultural Hall or via email at while classes are in session, and students will be given a response within 3 weeks of submission to Academic Affairs. Decisions cannot be guaranteed any sooner than 3 weeks, so students must plan accordingly. Note that enrollment in some courses depends on a student’s major declaration, so submitting applications well before fall or spring enrollment is necessary. Similarly, plan ahead for times of heavy advising traffic and avoid waiting to meet with your advisors until November or April when appointments may be limited. Questions about the application process may be directed or 608.262.3003.