CALS DDO - Points of Contact - Research Division

This document outlines the points of contacts for the Research Division within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Updated November 2020

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The CALS Research Division is responsible for “all matters research” in the college, including the administrative review and submission of extramural and internal research grants, and processing and negotiating incoming grants and contracts. The Research Division staff also oversees research compliance, intellectual property disclosures, graduate student (fellowship & training grants) and faculty research awards, the processing of fee-for-service and the full spectrum of non-funded agreements such as: master agreements, material transfer agreements, confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreements, memorandums of agreement/understanding, data use agreements, and facility use agreements. Internal competitions that require CALS Research Division approval include: WARF-funded programs - DRAPER-TIF, SEED and WCIA/CALS/WARF Plant Germplasm competitions; VCRGE funded programs - Baldwin submissions and CALS Bridge funding competitions; UW-Foundation funded programs - Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships (WDGFs), Pound Research award, and Nuzum Kickapoo Valley Fund competitions; and CALS-funded programs including ARS Summer Internship and University of Wisconsin Consortium for Extension and Research in Agriculture and Natural Resources (CERANR) competitions. CALS Research Division staff also represent CALS on UW campus research committees, working groups, and task forces, and provide oversight of the CALS Agricultural Research Stations.

The CALS Research Division works with all extramural sponsors and many internal institutional awarding units through award negotiation and set up. After an award has been negotiated and funding has been set up in an account in WISDM/WISER, financial management of grants/contracts transfers to CALS Business Services (Post-Award), including PI changes and requests for no-cost extensions. Non-financial progress and reporting continues to be handled through CALS Research Division. Hatch funding (previously referred to as federal formula funds) are administered by the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station (WAES).


William (Bill) Barker, Associate Dean for Research
  • Responsible for administration, management, and supervision of the college's extramural grant programs, including compliance and assurance issues
  • Primary contact with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education for campus and national research policy, and with WARF on patent disclosures and intellectual property issues
  • Associate director of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station (WAES)
  • Authority for administration of Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, and Animal Health funds from USDA, and the annual internal competitive grant process for awarding those funds
  • Representative for Wisconsin at regional and national experiment station director and ESCOP meetings
  • Scheduling through Erica Flyte,
Mark Hubbard, Assistant Dean for Research
  • Oversees the operations of the Research Division, which includes facilitating research opportunities, proposals, submissions, awards, and contracting (more detailed topic list provided below), while fostering ethical stewardship of research funds and sponsor expectations
  • Coordinates with college and campus partners to support all facets of research compliance within the college, including biological safety, animal care and use, human subjects, conflict of interest, export controls, and responsible conduct of research
  • Serves as liaison with Research and Sponsored Programs for campus and agency/sponsor research policy, Legal Services regarding research administration related legal matters, OVCRGE for review of disclosures required under the Bayh-Dole Act, and WARF regarding any issues with intervention disclosure or patent management
  • Promotes entrepreneurial activity through work with Discovery2Product and Innovate Network
  • Supervises CALS Research Division staff, which includes leadership, guidance, support, and assistance with complex administrative matters, and performance management
  • Coordinates workloads, timelines, priorities, and related aspects of extramural application submissions and grants/contract review/negotiation
Cheryl Deering, Compliance Specialist
  • Oversees responsibilities for research compliance of all extramural funding including but not limited to conflicts of interest and institutional board reviews, and facilitates resolutions to meet federal, state, and university regulation/policy for researchers in CALS
  • Provides leadership for AAALAC accreditation, including direction and guidance to staff and units throughout CALS in cooperation with other campus oversight units
Brittney Greeno, Research Administrator
  • Agricultural and Applied Economics, CALS International Programs, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Lynn Hanus, Research Administrator
  • Agronomy, Bacteriology, Horticulture, Life Sciences Communication
Megan Maguire, Research Administrator
  • Biochemistry, Genetics, Nutritional Sciences, Undergraduate Programs & Services
  • NIH T32 training grants
Michell Sass, Research Administrator
  • Agricultural Research Stations, CALS internal competitions, Commodity Boards, Community and Environmental Sociology, Environmental Resources Center, Soil Science
  • Supports research compliance activities and coordinates PI status
Laura Tollefson, Research Administrator
  • Babcock Dairy Plant, Biological Systems Engineering, Food Research Institute, Food Science, Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center
  • Industry sponsored research, MTAs, CDAs, Fee-for-Service agreements, coordinating negotiations between sponsors and RSP 
John Waller, Research Administrator
  • Animal and Dairy Sciences, Center for Dairy Research, Entomology, Plant Pathology
  • Industry sponsored research, MTAs, CDAs, Fee-for-Service agreements, coordinating negotiations between sponsors and RSP 


 Advance account numbers
 Electronic entry/routing/submissions
 NIH Commons setup (assignment of passwords)
Regulatory compliance
  • Chemical safety
  • Effort reporting
  • Export controls
  • Occupational health
  • Outside activities reports
  • Conflict of Interest/Management Plans
  • Responsible conduct of research
 ARS Summer Internship competitions
 Exceptional circumstances
 NIH Just-in-Time (JIT) submissions
 Risk Management/Insurance Certificates reviews
 Award setup
 ezFedGrants proposals/reporting  NIH RPPR (progress reports)
 SEED competitions (VCRGE)
 Award transfers (to another institution or within UW)
 F&A/Indirect costs - waivers and off-campus approvals
 Non-federal agencies/sponsors
 Shared grants (subcontracts to UW-Extension & other UW system schools)
 Baldwin submissions
 Facility Use Agreements
 NSF Fastlane/
 Speaker agreements
 CALS Bridge funding competitions
 Federal agencies/sponsors
 Nuzum Kickapoo Valley Fund competitions
 Subaccounts (prior to award)
 Budget building/management
 Fee-for-service agreements/negotiations
 Outreach/training agreements
 Subagreements (prior to award)
 Cayuse 424
 Fellowships and training grants
 Policies/procedures (compliance, research, admin)
 Technical reporting
 Clinical trials
 Field trials
 PI change requests on proposals (prior to award)
 Terms/conditions review for grants/contracts
 Collaboration agreements
 Funding opportunities
 Pound Research Award competitions
 Training grants/fellowships
 Commodity Board Funding (state, regional, national)
 Funding search tools
 Program revenue inclusion/issues
 Tuition remission issues (prior to award)
 Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements (CDAs/NDAs)  Proposals  University of Wisconsin Consortium for Extension and Research in Agriculture and Natural Resources (CERANR) competitions
 Contracts/agreement issues/negotiations
 Intellectual property issues
 Proposal modifications/supplements
 USDA-ARS specific cooperative agreements
 Cost sharing/commitments
 International contracts/agreements
 Protocol lookup system
 USDA-ARS task orders
 CRADA's (Cooperative Research & Development Agreements)
 Invention disclosures
 Rebudget requests (prior to award)
 VCRGE/WARF grant competitions
 Cross-college approvals
 Industry sponsors/contracts/agreements
 Research Administrator Training for CALS
 WCIA/CALS/WARF Plant Germplasm competitions
 Data use/transfer agreements
 Limited PI status
 Research misconduct issues
 Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships (WDGFs)
 Data analytics - grant/award reports
 Material transfer agreements
 Research protocols
  • Animal care and use
  • Biological safety
  • Human subjects
  • Select agents
  • Stem cells
 Wisconsin state agency grants/contracts
 DRAPER-TIF competitions (VCRGE)
 Memorandum of agreement/understanding
 Research safety
 Effort commitments/issues
 NASA NSPIRES (grant system)
 Research policy

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