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Discovery Printers: Linux Setup

This document describes how to set up the Print Queue on Linux

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This document assumes Ubuntu 16.04 for the Linux enviroment, but the general instructions may work on other Linux distributions.

Install the Driver

  1. Either retrieve the drivers from our shared storage, or get them directly from Sharp's website.

    • Retrieve Drivers from Shared Storage
      1. Connect to the share smb://

      2. Navigate to the folder Printer Drivers, then copy the file that starts with LINUX.

    • Retrieve Drivers from Sharp
      1. Go to Sharp's website and fill in the following information on the form:

        • Product Category: MFPs
        • Product: MX-3050N
        • File Type: Drivers and Utilities
      2. Press Search, then press Download to the right of the Linux driver.

        click the download button to the right of the text saying Linux/Cups PPD for MX-3050N
  2. Extract the archive file and then open a Terminal and navigate to the folder created by extracting the archive.

  3. Run the following command (changing the .install file name if it's different than below):

    sudo ./mx-c52-ps.install

    Type "yes" and press enter at the prompt, and then again to agree to the license. The script will install the driver for use on your computer.

Set up the Print Queue

If your linux username is the same as your Discovery network account username, skip to step 4.

Which print queue you use depends on what your local linux username is, and if your linux username does not match you Discovery network account username you need to complete some preliminary steps to install the PaperCut client. Note that java is required for this software. If your linux username is the same as your Discovery network account username, you do not need the PaperCut client and can skip to step 4.

    1. Connect to smb://

      connect to smb://

      Specify for the domain and enter your Discovery network account username and password.

      put discovery account info into prompts
    2. Copy the linux folder to your computer's desktop and then open a terminal and navigate to within that folder. Run the following commands:

      chmod u+x

      This second command you will have to run each login session you want to print in. One easy way to do this is set sh to run on login. If you want assistance doing this, contact

    3. The PaperCut client will open. Enter your Discovery network account username and password and check Remember my identity, then press OK.

      sign in with discovery account to papercut
    4. Open System Settings, then Printers.

    5. Click Add

click add in the printers window

    1. Choose Enter URI and input lpd:// for the device URI, then press Forward. If your installed the PaperCut client by following steps 1-4, then use lpd:// as the device URI.

set the printer uri to lpd://

    1. Select Sharp from the list and then press Forward.

choose sharp for the driver make

    1. Choose MX-3050N as the model and press Forward

choose mx-3050N for the model

    1. Switch the Output Tray Options to Inner Finisher (confirm it lists your settings as in the below picture) then press Forward.

configure installable options to one input tray options one tray, large capacity tray not installed, output tray options finisher, punch module not installed, job separator not installed, right tray not installed and data security kit not installed

    1. Give DiscoveryPrintQueue (or DiscoveryBYODMac if you set up the PaperCut client) for the short name, then optionally put Discovery Print Queue (or Discovery BYOD Mac) for the description, then choose Apply.

If you set up the PaperCut client, you will be prompted for credentials when you first print. Put your username and password and set Remember to Always and it will save your credentials for the future.

sign into papercut when you print and check remember always

When you print to either the DiscoveryPrintQueue or DiscoveryBYODMac queues, your print job will be sent to the queue and you can then retrieve it at the printer.

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