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InterPro - Online Learning - Teaching Resources for Instructors - Suggested Settings for Canvas integration Zoom Conferences and Importing Zoom Meetings through the Canvas-Zoom Integration

This page describes the InterPro suggested settings for Zoom web conferences and how to import Zoom meetings into Canvas via the Canvas-Zoom integration.

Creating Zoom Sessions using the Canvas Integration

  1. In your Canvas course, navigate to the Zoom tool in the left navigation.
    • If Zoom is not in your course navigation, and you are teaching an InterPro course, please contact Online Support. 
  2. Next, click on the Schedule a New Meeting button to schedule a Zoom session associated with your Canvas Course.
     Schedule a new meeting
    1. Topic Field
      • The Topic field will fill in automatically, change this if necessary.
    2. When and Duration Fields
      • Set the time and duration based on your course's web conference time.
    3. Time Zone Field
      • Leave the time zone set to Central Time.
      • Check Recurring meeting to schedule sessions for the entire semester.
      • Adjust the settings based on the days your course meets. See the Academic Calendar for semester start and end dates.
    4. Registration Field
      • Leave Registration unchecked.
    5. Security Field
      • Ensure the passcode option is checked. This helps prevent Zoom bombing.
      • Uncheck Waiting room, if desired. For more information on Zoom waiting rooms see Waiting Rooms from the Zoom Help Center.
      • Ensure that Require authentication to join is unchecked.
    6. Video Field
      • Ensure that the host and participant video options are on.
    7. Audio Field
      • Ensure that this field is set to Telephone and Computer Audio.
    8. Meeting Options
      • Enable join before host, if desired. This allows students to start the conference early. For more information see Allow Participants to Join Before Host
      • Leave mute participants upon entry checked, if desired.
      • Leave record the meeting automatically in the clod unchecked, if desired.
    9. Advanced Options
      • Any instructors currently enrolled in your Canvas Course will automatically be co-hosts. Ensure that any instructors are added to the Canvas Course before creating your Zoom web conferences.
      • Note: Students who join the Zoom session from the link in the integration will automatically be Participants. 

All sessions scheduled this way will appear in the Integration and all cloud recordings made in sessions scheduled this way will appear in the integration as well. To learn how to enable cloud recordings, see InterPro - Online Learning - Tools and Technology - Web Conferencing - Enable Cloud Recordings for Student View in Canvas integration Zoom Conferences

Note: Students can also create sessions in the Integration interface. All instructors will automatically be enrolled as co-host. Students can use these rooms to meet informally.

Importing Zoom Meetings Into Canvas using the Canvas-Zoom Integration

The Zoom-Canvas integration is used for for-credit courses. 

Zoom polls and quizzes are stored in the Surveys library and are available across a host's meetings regardless of whether the meeting was scheduled in the Zoom web portal or through the Zoom-Canvas integration. 

Zoom meetings that contain Zoom surveys are best created through the Zoom web portal and then imported into Canvas rather than being created via the Canvas integration.  

1. Sign in to your Zoom account through the Zoom web portal using your NetID.

    1. 2. Select a previously created Zoom meeting that includes Zoom survey(s) under the Upcoming Meetings tab or click the + Schedule a Meeting button to create and save a Zoom meeting containing Zoom polls/quizzes. InterPro - Teaching & Learning - Tools & Technology - Zoom Polls and Quizzes

    2. 3.  After selecting a previously created or saving a newly created Zoom meeting, you will be directed to the My Meetings > Manage "Name of Meeting" page. Copy the Meeting ID on the Details page. 

image showing the Meeting ID

4.  Navigate to your Canvas course and select Zoom in the Canvas navigation bar.

Zoom - Canvas integration in Canvas

5. Click the three dots next to the Schedule a New Meeting button and choose "import meeting."

import Zoom meeting into Canvas through the integration

6. Paste the copied Meeting ID and click Import

paste meeting ID of imported Zoom meeting

The Zoom meeting, including Zoom surveys will be integrated and available through Canvas as shown below.

Meeting with Zoom survey in Zoom integration with Canvas


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