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How to create a Zoom meeting template and how to schedule a meeting from a Zoom meeting template.

Zoom Meeting Templates


Zoom meeting templates allow the use and reuse of preselected meeting settings (e.g. join before host, automatic recording) and surveys across multiple Zoom meetings. 


To create Zoom meeting templates, access the Zoom web portal ( Log in to Zoom with your UWNet ID and password. Do not use the Canvas-Zoom integration for this process as it has less functionality.

Note: Zoom templates are created by scheduling a new Zoom meeting and saving the meeting as a template. Zoom templates are managed in but cannot be created in the Meeting Templates tab found in Zoom Meetings.  

Application and Limitations

Zoom meeting templates allow hosts to reuse Zoom meeting settings, saving time by eliminating the need to recreate these features in future meetings. 

  • Hosts can save up to 40 Zoom meeting templates.
  • Meeting templates do not save alternate host settings or the meeting date and time.
  • For recurring meetings, there is an option to save the recurrence schedule as part of the meeting template.
  • To create a meeting template, the Meeting ID must be generated automatically. Do not use your Personal Meeting ID. 

Radio button next to Generate Automatically is selected.

How to Create a Zoom Meeting Template

1) Log in to your Zoom account ( with your UWNet ID and password.

2) Click Meetings in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, then click the + Schedule a Meeting button.

3) Select the desired settings for the meeting including whether or not this is a recurring meeting, security (passcode recommended), video, and audio settings, etc. 

4) Click Show next to the Options setting to access additional settings such as "mute participants upon entry" and a text field to enter alternative hosts. Alternative hosts are not saved in Zoom meeting templates. 

Image showing the word Show next to additional Options in Zoom meeting settings.

Additional Zoom meeting settings

5) After all of the desired settings on this page have been chosen, click Save. 

The screen that appears next is My Meetings > Manage [name of meeting].

Note: Zoom polls and quizzes are stored in Surveys and can be accessed in all of a host's meetings. This eliminates the need to create Zoom templates to reuse polls in different meetings. 

6) Optional: Edit the Q&A settings you would like associated with the meeting template by clicking the Q&A tab at the top of the screen, then click the Edit button. After making your selections, click Save. The Q&A tab will only be visible if checked under options (see image above). 

7) Optional: Add a survey to be sent to participants at the end of the meeting by clicking the Survey tab at the top of the screen. Click + Add Survey and choose Create Survey or Choose from Library. There is also the option to use a third-party survey.

8) Click the Details tab (if not selected already), review all settings, then click the Save as Template button located on the lower right of the screen. 

9) In the Save as a Meeting Template pop-up window, provide a unique and descriptive template name. Check the Save the recurrence checkbox if you would like the template to include the recurrence schedule (if there is one). Click Save as Template. The meeting is added to the Meetings > Upcoming tab and the template is added to the Meetings > Meeting Templates tab. 

How to Schedule a Meeting from a Zoom Meeting Template

1) Log in to your Zoom account ( with your UWNet ID and password.

2) Click Meetings in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, then click the + Schedule a Meeting button.

3) Scroll down to "Template" and choose the desired Zoom meeting template from the drop-down menu.

Image showing the Select a template drop-down menu

- OR -

1) Log in to your Zoom account ( with your UWNet ID and password.

2) Click Meetings in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, then the Meeting Templates tab.

Image showing Meeting Templates tab in Zoom meeting settings.

3) Click the Use this Template button next to the Zoom meeting template you would like to use. 

- THEN -

4) Scroll back to the top of the Schedule Meeting page and rename the topic of the meeting if desired. 

5) Select the date and time of the meeting. Date and time information is not saved in a Zoom meeting template and meetings scheduled from a meeting template will automatically fill with the current date and time. If a recurring meeting, verify all recurring meeting selections. 

6) If an alternate host is required, click "Show" next to Options near the bottom of this page to add any alternative hosts. Alternative host information is not saved in a Zoom meeting template. 

7) Click Save. This meeting is added to your list of upcoming meetings. 

Avoid these Pitfalls

  • Remember that Zoom meeting templates do not save the date, (including the end date for recurring meetings), time, or alternative host information.  
  • When scheduling weekly meetings using a template, the day of the week on which you're scheduling the meeting will automatically be included. For example, if you would like to schedule a meeting from a meeting template that includes weekly meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you're scheduling the meeting on a Monday, Monday will also be checked. 


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