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Encumbrances in WISDM

What is this encumbrance that I have on my funding?

Salary encumbrances occur when someone is hired on a non-101 account.  The money is set aside to ensure that there is enough money to pay the person being hired.  The money set aside may differ than what a person is hired for.  


Rand al'Thor was hired as a visiting lecturer from October 23rd to December 8th.  He will be receiving a salary of $8,000, but his effective salary is $62,000 for a 12 month appointment.  

When Rand's funding in Payroll is entered into HRS, this triggers the encumbrances to occur on the funding in WISDM.

This would mean that the encumbrance set aside will be 62,000/12= $5166.67(month) for each month hired.   

He is hired over a 3 month span and the full salary +fringe (despite being only hired for 9 days in October and 8 in December) will need to be set aside.

The total encumbered salary will be $15,500 + Fringe.

In order to free the unused encumbered portion of the salary back up, the Financial Specialist will need to email RSP and ask for it to be removed.  RSP Staff directory is here: .

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