UW-Madison Google Workspace - Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

This documents Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for UW-Madison and Commercial Google Apps.

Eligibility for Service

Core Google Apps

The following terms of service apply when using your UW-Madison Google Workspace account with the "Core" Google Apps
The following UW-Madison Google Workspace are considered "Core" Google Apps

*Not enabled for all UW-Madison Google Workspace accounts. Contact the DoIT Help Desk if you need access.

Additional information: Google Apps for Work adopts ISO 27018 cloud privacy standard

Consumer Google Apps

In addition to the "Core" apps, UW-Madison Google Workspace accounts have access to some Google Consumer Applications. A full list can be found here: UW-Madison Google Workspace - Consumer Applications (non-core).

The Google Consumer Apps have their own privacy policy that can be found at http://www.google.com/policies. Because of this, when you visit one of these Apps, you may receive a separate notification communicating these policies.

Any updates to Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for the Consumer Apps do not change the terms for the "Core" Google Apps for Education