UW-Madison G Suite - Known Issues

The following document outlines known issues with UW-Madison G Suite.

Account Activation / NetID changes



  • If you attempt to access a file that is shared with your UW-Madison G Suite account or "People at UW-Madison G Suite" while you are logged in with a personal G Suite account, you will receive an error. To avoid this issue, make sure to log out of your personal G Suite account(s) before trying to access a file shared with your UW-Madison G Suite account.
  • It is not possible to grant "Is owner" permissions to an account outside of UW-Madison G Suite. If you attempt to hit "Save" after selecting this option, you will receive the following error: "Error Sorry, cannot transfer ownership to jenny.rado@gmail.com. Ownership can only be transferred to another user in the same domain as the current owner."
  • When granting "Can edit" permissions to a Google Site, the " UW-Madison G Suite" and "People at UW-Madison G Suite with a link" options only work if the individual you are sharing with is in the same domain. For example, if you are logged in with bbadger@wisc.edu, you would be unable to gran "Can edit" permissions to bbadger@doit.wisc.edu

G Suite Groups

Shared Drives

New Google Sites

Mobile Devices

Domain Administration

ChromeOS/Chromebook compatibility with WiscVPN

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