Wireless UWNet - How to Register for Wireless Access

This document describes how to register for access to Wireless UWNet as either a guest or affiliate. Please note that these instructions only apply to the network with SSID UWNet.

When you first connect to UWNet as an unregistered user and attempt to load a webpage, you should be automatically redirected to a UWNet registration page. This page will offer two options for registration; one for current affiliates of the university and a second option for guests.

If the device does not have a web browser, UW Madison affiliates can register devices as seen here: UWNet - Register a Device Without a Browser or Pre-registering a Device Before Arriving to Campus.


UW-Madison affiliates with a NetID should enter their NetID and password and accept the Terms of Use to log in. This method will register your computer on the network for the remainder of the current semester, after which point you will need to renew your registration.

Because this method associates your computer's MAC address with a NetID for an entire semester, you should not allow another user to register their NetID on your personal computer, or vice-versa. Doing so may result in one of you losing access to NetID services due to actions performed by the other person.


Guests at the university should choose the second option seen above. To register, simply enter your full name and email address. Once you have read and agreed to the Terms of Use, click Create Guest Account to submit your information.


After submitting your email address, you will be taken to a resulting page that will assign you a username and passcode. You will need to make note of these credentials, as they allow you to access UWNet with other devices you may have, such as a smartphone. You are allowed to have up to five concurrent sessions (i.e. five different devices connected at the same time). When you are brought to the UWNet registration screen on another device, you should enter use those credentials in the NetID login fields used by affiliates.


Registering with this method will give your computer access to the network for two weeks, after which point you will need to re-register. Please note that failure to provide a valid email address will result in a loss of wireless access.

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