UWNet - Device Incompatibility List

A list of devices that will not function correctly on UWNet.

UWNet Network
NOTE:The information in this document only applies to the UWNet SSID. If connection still fails in the residence halls after troubleshooting, purchasing a personal router or connecting to the wired Ethernet jack in the room will provide connectivity.


UWNet is a public Wi-Fi network that can be accessed by anyone here at UW-Madison. As with any public Wi-Fi network, some devices that utilize specific features on that network will not work on UWNet. Specifically, UWNet blocks the "IP Multicast" feature, which will cause some devices that utilize this feature to not be able to connect at all while others are able to connect with limited functionality. This feature is common in devices such as Google Homes, Amazon Echos, and Google Chromecasts (basically, anything with a Cast feature or something similar built-in). Features other than "IP Multicast" may also cause issues and function incorrectly on UWNet.

The first list contains devices that will not work under UWNet, while the second list contains devices that partially work under UWNet (i.e. certain features will be unavailable).

NOTE: The DoIT Help Desk cannot guarantee that any device on either of these two lists will/will not work on UWNet. Devices on these lists may work in certain scenarios, for limited amounts of time, or not at all.

Known Incompatible Devices

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