WAF - Windows Access Facility

This document provides an overview of the Windows Access Facility (WAF). The WAF is a Windows Terminal Server that provides supplemental access for Mac and Linux users to applications that are only available on the Windows platform.

WAF Account Setup

University of Wisconsin-Madison employees should contact support@doit.wisc.edu to request a WAF account.

Accessing the WAF

Refer to WAF - Installing and Accessing for instructions on accessing the WAF.

WAF Applications

NOTE: Access to applications listed in bold requires proof of license ownership – Project and Visio are not licensed under the campus Microsoft site license. Contact licensing@doit.wisc.edu (and copy support@doit.wisc.edu) to request access to Project and Visio on the WAF.

The following applications are available on the WAF:

Session Timeout

Disconnected user sessions (when users close their session but fail to logoff) are automatically ended after 8 hours. This ensures resources are available to others actively using the WAF. This timeout does not affect active or idle sessions.