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Grammarly Document Not Detected Error

Resolution steps for a common Grammarly error that started appearing in June of 2019 after upgrading Windows 10 versions.


On Windows 10, starting with the June 2019 build users reported issues with Grammarly's Microsoft Office integration. Users would receive an error indicating that their document could not be detected when trying to use Grammarly in Microsoft Word 2016.
Word 2016 Error


  1. Uninstall any currently installed versions of Grammarly
    1. If asked whether you would like to keep any of the sign in or user-specific information, answer "no" to remove it on uninstall
  2. Navigate to "\\\applications\Grammarly" and open the installation directory for the newest version of Grammarly
    Installation Directory
  3. Double-click "GrammarlyAddInSetup.exe" to launch the installer. When prompted, click "Run" to continue the installation.
    Run Installer
  4. On the "Getting Started" screen, press the Control and Shift keys simultaneously and then click "Get Started"
    Get Started
  5. On the following screen check the box to "Install for all users". Then click "Next" to continue the installation.
    Install for All Users
  6. Make sure to enable the add-in installation for both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook by clicking both checkboxes.
    Install for Office Applications
  7. After installing, restart any open Microsoft Office applications for the changes to take effect.
    Restart Applications Instruction
  8. After installation you may be required to sign in with your Grammarly account the first time that you wish to use the add-in with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook. Please enter your credentials to sign in.
  9. To test that Grammarly is working properly, open a Microsoft Word document, and then click the "Open Grammarly" button in the "Home" section of the control ribbon. This should launch a side panel for Grammarly that will show and spelling and grammar suggestions.
    Grammarly Test in Word 2016

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