Campus Network Housing -- What to do when router not connecting

Summary of how to perform new router setup when a resident bring their own personal router for use in Housing.

1. Connect the router to an active data jack

Either HAP (for the residence halls only) blue wired port or red/orange data jack at Eagle Heights, University Houses, or Harvey St. Apartments.  Connect this cable to the separately spaced port on router, here labeled "WAN". 


2. Turn on the router and wait 5 minutes

Make sure the router lights up and boots fully. 

3. Get a Laptop or PC and connect to the router either via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi

If resident has a second Ethernet cable and their laptop/PC has an Ethernet port, connect directly via the cable to one of the ports in the 4 port group. If they do not have a second cable or their device doesn't have an Ethernet port, have them connect to the router's default Wi-Fi name of the router.

4. Find the router's gateway address 

This will be the router management IP address.

Windows: hit the windows key and type CMD and hit enter. In Command Prompt type ipconfig /all and find the Ethernet adapter information. Get the address following "Default Gateway".


MacOS: open system preferences and go to network settings. Choose the Ethernet connection and get the Router IP on this page, it is the gateway address.


5.Open a web browser and enter the gateway address into the URL bar

This will bring up a login screen.

6. Enter the default username and password

You can find this by googling it based on router make/model, but its usually admin/admin or admin/password.

7. Follow the router's setup wizard to do first time setup

The router should have a short setup process that is required for any router to get an internet connection. Follow the steps the wizard will ask for until the router is setup and ready to go.

8. Register the router

Once the setup process is done, the resident should open a new tab in their web browser and try to load a webpage.

If they are in a Residence Hall: the UWNet registration page should come up where they have to login with their NetID account to get registered.

If they are in Eagle Heights, Harvey Street Apartments, or University Houses: no registration required, they will need to do the router setup wizard and they should be good to go.

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