Chrome Settings for Kronos

Guide on how to enable Flash for Chrome with the new update.

  1. Navigate to the Kronos website:

  2. Click on the "Get Flash" button as normal
    a. picture of where the get flash button is located

  3. In the address bar next to the Kronos web address, a little puzzle piece icon will appear. Click on that icon and then click the "Manage" button.
    a. picture of the chrome puzzle piece
    b. picture of the manage button

  4. In the section that says, "Block sites from running Flash (recommended)," click the little gray toggle button and the section will change to "Ask First."
    a. picture of the block sites section
    b. picture of the result of clicking the button

  5. You can now close the settings tab at the top of the screen and return to Kronos.
    a. picture of how to close the tab

  6. In Kronos you should be able to click the "Get Flash" button and get the normal "Allow" popup.
    a. picture of where the get flash button is
    b. picture showing the location of the "allow flash" button

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