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DoIT Active Directory - Troubleshooting File Share Connection Problems

This document provides troubleshooting steps should you encounter errors when connecting to Windows file shares in DoIT Active Directory.



Drive mappings are lost on the next logon

  1. Remove any existing network drive mappings.
  2. Restart your machine.
  3. Use the instructions to remap the file share(s).

Authentication fails repeatedly despite using the correct credentials

Contact your local IT Admin for assistance, or if they cannot assist in a timely manner open up a case with the DoIT Help Desk.

You receive error "Windows cannot access [file share]" (The network name cannot be found)

  • Check your network connection. Make sure you can connect to the Internet, and then try connecting to the file share(s) again.
  • Try mapping the drive(s) again, and make sure to include
  • If the problem persists, contact your local IT Admin for assistance, or if they cannot assist in a timely manner open up a case with the DoIT Help Desk

Old credentials were being used

A majority of users will now use their NetID for authentication. Try mapping the drive(s) again, and when prompted for your credentials use netid@LOGIN.WISC.EDU and your NetID password. Please note that your NetID should be entered in all lowercase, while "LOGIN.WISC.EDU" should be all uppercase, e.g. bbadger@LOGIN.WISC.EDU.

If you are entering the correct credentials and still receive an authentication error, it may be that old credentials are stored in Windows Credential Manager; proceed to the next step below to troubleshoot this issue.

Old or incorrect credentials are stored in the Windows Credential Manager

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Select User Accounts.
  3. Click the Manage your credentials link in the left-side pane.
  4. Click the downward-facing arrow to expand any entries for the file share you are experiencing problems with.

  5. Select Remove from vault to remove any stored credentials for

When attempting to map a drive it fails or gives no login prompt and firewall logs show connection coming in on port 80

  • Example: "Aug 9 11:47:30 fx-137-pri %FWSM-4-106023: Deny TCP src outside: dst inside:"
  • Make sure the following services are running: TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper and Workstation.
  • Stop and Disable the WebClient service.
  • Check the provider order: Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings -> Provider Order. Ensure that Windows Networking is above Web Client Network. In most instances, Microsoft Windows Network should be at the top of the list and Web Client Network at the bottom.

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