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MFA-Duo - Managing Multi-factor Authentication Device Settings

This document will provide instructions for managing device settings for Duo Multi-factor Authentication.
  • The Duo hosted Device Management Portal is used to add and remove devices as well as manage default device settings.

  • The UW-Madison hosted portal will be how you can launch to the Duo hosted Device Management Portal, and will remain the primary location for the following functionality:

    • Request Temporary Passcode for Emergency Access

    • Register a Token/Fob or USB Security Key

    • Create Backup Passcodes

Note: This document is intended for use after you have already registered at least 1 device (smartphone, tablet or token). If you have not yet registered a device, see MFA-Duo - How to Enroll for MFA Duo for your NetID Login Account

Accessing the Multi-Factor Authentication Portal

You can add additional verification methods, manage your existing devices, or reactivate Duo Mobile for Duo Push from the Duo Universal Prompt by navigating two ways:

  • By visiting, logging in with your NetID and password, and selecting “Manage MFA Preferences and Devices.” The Device Management Portal will open for you in a new browser tab.

  • Or, when logging into an application with the Universal Prompt, click the Other options link on the authentication page to view your list of available methods. Select the Manage devices choice at the end of the list to enter the device management portal

manage devices

To access the Device Management Portal you'll first need to verify your identity, just as you do when logging in to a service or application protected by Duo. Click on an available option to verify your identity. 

If you're visiting the Device Management Portal to delete or update a device you don't have anymore (such as a phone you lost or replaced), be sure to pick a verification option that you still have with you. 

If you don't have any devices you can use to authenticate to device management, contact the DoIT Help Desk by phone at 608-264-4357.

Edit Devices

Clicking the Edit button next to the device presents a list of available options for the device.

  • Rename (Smartphone, Tablet): Allows you to change the name of the device.
  • Red Delete Option (Smartphone, Tablet, Token): Allows you to remove the device from your approved devices.
    • Note: if you have only one MFA device registered, you will not see the Red Trash Icon.

device management portal

Add Another Device (Recommended)

UW-Madison encourages users to add multiple devices in the event that they lose access to a single device.

To add another device, follow the instructions here: MFA-Duo - Adding Secondary/Backup Devices.

Default Device Settings

    Information on setting default login devices can be found here: MFA-Duo - Setting a Default Login Device

    See accessibility & usability information

    We work with our users to address access and usability barriers in the MFA user experience. Learn details about known access barriers and workarounds at MFA-Duo - Accessibility & Usability Information. If you encounter a barrier or need assistance, please contact the DoIT Help Desk or call (608) 264-4357.

    For questions regarding how to get access to the MFA mobile app contact the DoIT Help Desk at (608) 264-4357 or email

    How to get access to a Security Key or Duo Token/Fob 


    Students, to obtain a token/fob, please contact the DoIT Help Desk (608) 264-4357 or email Students with disabilities can also request a token or security key at the McBurney Disability Resource Center, 702 W. Johnson St., Suite #2104, Madison WI 53715 on the 2nd floor.

    Faculty, Staff, and Researchers

    Employees can get access to devices for MFA at their Human Resources Office or IT department. For questions contact the DoIT Help Desk at (608) 264-4357 or email 

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