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UW-Madison - IT - Copyright Infringement

UW-Madison procedures on copyright infringement apply if you illegally download or upload copyrighted material while using UW-Madison Information Technology (IT) resources.

UW-Madison supports the rights of intellectual property owners as defined by law. This includes all forms of intellectual property regardless of how it is obtained or shared.

Illegal downloading and sharing using “peer-to-peer” file sharing software has been a chronic problem all over the world. Copyright owners of music, movies and other works are increasingly vigilant in protecting their property rights.

The UW System - Acceptable Use of Information Technology prohibits illegal use. This includes downloading, distribution, or other activities that violate copyright law.

When notified of alleged copyright infringement, the university investigates, provides information, and takes corrective action as required by law.

Below are links to some resources to assist in understanding UW-Madison policies and procedures on copyright infringement, peer-to-peer file sharing, and copyright law.

UW System Acceptable Use Of Information Technology Resources

Possible penalties for violating copyright law

UW-Madison procedures for responding to alleged copyright violations

Some legal sources of music and other copyrighted material

UW-Madison Copyright Infringement Compliance Plan (PDF)

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