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The Accessibility Procedures are the implementation of the Accessibility Policy
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These procedures implement the UW-Madison World Wide Web Accessibility Policy. The rationale is discussed in the background section of the policy.

  1. Priority of Implementation

    Priority should be given to creating accessible Web pages and resources for core institutional information such as course work, registration, advising, admission, catalogs, and student services information. Units with large Web sites and resources containing core institutional information should establish priorities for ensuring access to these according to the pages and resources being used or requested most often. For setting priorities to make Web pages and resources accessible, the following guidance is suggested:

    1. All new and revised web pages should be made accessible at the time of creation or revision.

    2. The top 20% of existing Web pages and resources most frequently used (e.g. that get the largest number of hits) should be placed in the first priority for review, and made accessible as indicated. Pages and resources required for participation, funding, disability-related services and other key information or functions needed by people with disabilities, not already in the top 20%, should also be placed in the first priority. Each department or University entity is responsible for determining the top 20% used and other first priority Web pages and resources.

    3. Any remaining pages and resources providing core institutional information or functions should be reviewed, and made accessible as indicated.

    4. All other Web pages and resources should be reviewed, and made accessible as indicated.

  2. Recommended Assessment Procedures

    It is recommended that a variety of evaluation methods be used to test the accessibility of Web pages and resources, including automated testing, client and/or device testing, expert evaluation, and user testing.

  3. Exception Procedure

    Narrowly tailored exceptions to this policy may be granted by the UW–Madison Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in specific instances where compliance is not possible or would constitute an undue administrative or financial burden. To request an exception send an e-mail to

  4. Resources

    Information about training, consulting, and technological tools can be found at as well as definitions and resources related to the Federal Rehabilitation Act Section 508 and W3C.

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