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IT Policy Activity, Sep 2018

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The itpolicy-announce list communicates policy changes and opportunities to participate in development. Anyone may join by sending a blank email to join-itpolicy-announce@lists.wisc.edu.

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Change History

  • Published on 8/14. Updated on 8/21, 9/19, 9/21.

Opportunities to help shape IT policy

New / Revised Documents

  • Published a list of Policy Portfolios, which organize policies by topic, including related policies issued by other Offices and Divisions. Those designated as "IT Policy" are approved by the Information Technology Committee (ITC) and published by the Office of the CIO.

Endorsement / Approval Pending

  • To comment, or suggest additional documents that need to be developed or revised, please email policy@cio.wisc.edu.

Forums / Events

  • The next IT Policy will be Tue, Nov 6, 1:00-2:30, Rm 159 Education (1000 Bascom Mall).
    Topic TBD. Possible topics include:

    • Risk Management
    • Asset Inventory
    • Security Education Training and Awareness (SETA)
    • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM)
    • Credentials policy
  • If you have a preference, or other ideas, please contact us.

Teams / Governance

Policy Planning & Analysis Team (PAT) and its subcommittees

  • Fri, Sep 7, Notes.

    • The PAT normally meets on the first Friday of the month, 1:30-3:00 in Rm 3139 CS. You are welcome to attend.

  • PAT Executive Committee meeting, Notes.

    • The PAT EC normally meets on the third Friday of the month, 2:15-3:15 in Rm 2147 CS. You are welcome to attend.

  • PAT Subcommittees:

    • Communications Subcommittee (ongoing): Communications of policy development and published IT policies, including IT Policy Forums, the IT Policy Knowledgebase, and policy-related web pages on it.wisc.edu. September meeting was Wed, Sep 19, 10:00-11:00, Rm 2281 CS.

    • Portfolio Subcommittee (ongoing): Organizing and managing IT policies as portfolios of related policies. September meeting was Wed, Sep 19, 3:30-4:30, Rm 2147 CS.

    • Process Subcommittee (ongoing): Monitoring and improving the process of IT policy development. No meeting in September. Next meeting will be Mon, Oct 8, 11:00-12:00, Rm 2147 CS.

  • Policy-related activity by other teams:

    • IAM Council: Working on recommendations for a new Credentials Policy.

UW-Madison Information Security Team (UW-MIST)

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