Top Documents This Week

  1. What does it mean to audit a course? What is the deadline to request to take a class on an audit basis?
  2. What does it mean when I receive a grade of Incomplete (I)?
  3. Can I drop a course after the official drop deadline?
  4. How do I qualify for the Dean's List?
  5. What does it mean to take a course pass/fail?
  6. What does it mean to drop a course?
  7. What is "Advancement?"
  8. What is academic misconduct? How should faculty and staff handle cases of academic misconduct?
  9. How can I determine my classification or class standing?
  10. L&S Standard Rates for Instructional Staff
  11. Is it possible to retake a course that I have already passed or received degree credit for?
  12. What does it mean if a course is graded on a credit/no credit basis?
  13. What does it mean to withdraw from the university?
  14. Departments, Programs, Centers & Institutes by Divisional Associate Dean
  15. What is a cross-listed course? How is it different from a "meets-with" course?
  16. What is a No Report (NR) grade?
  17. Performance Review Forms for the College of Letters & Science
  18. Campus-wide Teaching Assistant Awards: Nomination Guidelines for Departments
  19. What does it mean if I receive a "Q" grade?
  20. Department ID/UDDS, dept udds
  21. L&S Assessment FAQ - What does an "Assessment Plan" look like? What should an "Assessment Report" convey? How is this information used?
  22. Letter Templates for Academic and University Staff Appointments
  23. Anonymous Fund Guidelines 2016-2017
  24. L&S Teaching Assistants: TA Awards
  25. FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

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