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There are times when it is better to have a unique calendar account created instead of creating a calendar within your own personal Office 365 account. A resource account is created/deleted by an administrator. You also have the ability to control/manage many additional calendar features which do not exist for personal calendars.

This document will explain the process for requesting a resource calendar within Office 365.

Important: Only domain administrators can create resource calendars. You will need to make a request to create a resource. Domain administrators will be able to create the resource using the process outlined here: Microsoft 365 - Create, edit, or delete a Resource Account.

Note: If you do not know who your domain administrator is, contact the DoIT Help Desk, or if you are not affiliated with a domain, you may request an resource by filling out the mailplus request account form.

Provide your domain administrator with the following information:

Resource Name Official campus resource naming convention:
  • Rooms: {Org}-{Bldg Abrv}-{Room#}-{Type} - Example: DCS-21NPark-7221-Conf
  • Equipment: {Org}-{Res Type}-{Seq#} - Example: DCS-Laptop-01
  • Vacation: {Org}-{Dept}-{Res Type}-{Seq#} - Example: DoIT-DS-Vacation
Owner Email This is primary owner of the resource. They will be granted full mailbox permissions to the resource.
Description A description of the purpose of the resource.
Type Two types exist:
  • Room: select this option if the resource is a room
  • Equipment: select this option if the resource is a any equipment, vacation calendar, project calendar, etc.

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