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Microsoft 365 - Request Group for Administrative Access

This document explains how an administrator would request a Manifest group which will be used to collect/group NetID, service, and resource accounts to administer. This can be used in conjunction with making a domain request or when a specific set of people need to administer a NetID, service, or resource account.

As an example, you may use an administrative group to administer NetID accounts in the Wisc Account Admin site (assign alternate email addresses, set forwards, etc...) after users have granted you that administrative access. For more information on requesting and granting administrative access to NetID accounts, please check out the documents linked in the "See Also" section, at the end of this article.

Important: If you are a domain administrator, you already have access to a domain admin Manifest group which can be used for this purpose - learn more.

Note: If you're trying to administer a service account, please see Microsoft 365 - Managing Authorized Administrator of a service or resource account document.

Request a Manifest group

  1. Log into the Request Group for Administrative Access page on the Wisc Account Administration site with your NetID credentials.
  2. You will be taken to the Request Group for Administrative Access screen:

    request group administrative access screen

    Note: if you are not taken to this screen, navigate to: Tools tab | Requests menu | Request Administrative Group Access.

  3. Enter the required data:
    • Department: enter the name of the department related to the NetIDs being administered.
    • Your Name: this field will be populated with your name.
    • Your E-mail Address: enter your e-mail address.
    • Your NetID: enter your NetID.
    • Additional Administrator NetIDs: (optional) enter NetIDs (in addition to your NetID) that will also have the ability to administer other NetID accounts.
    • Comments: (optional) enter any desired comments/needs.
  4. Click the Request Administrative Group button.

You will be notified once your request has been processed.

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