My UW External Requisition Generator - General Error Messages

This document provides information about several error messages that can be generated by the requisition generator application.

Error Message: The requisition number you entered is invalid

If you receive this error you have typed the requisition number incorrectly. Please check the number you typed, and re-enter it, as there is no harm in typing it again. If you continue to get this message, please check with your department or dean's office.

Invalid Requisition Number Error

Error Message: You entered an invalid copy reqnum

This error means that the requisition that you are trying to copy does not match a valid requisition number in the Business Services database system. You should confirm the requisition number that you are trying to copy.

invalid copy reqnum error

Error Message: Requisition #xxxxxxx does not exist

This error means that the requisition that you are trying to edit does not match a current requisition number in the Business Services database system. You should confirm the requisition number that you are trying to edit.

Requisition does not exist error

Error Message: Update not allowed. Requisition #xxxxxxx is being processed by Purchasing Services

This error indicates that the requisition that you are trying to edit has been locked. You can check the status of the requisition at: If the order has been printed and released to the vendor, you need to initiate a change order or encumbrance management form (found at Contact Purchasing Services at with further questions.

Update not allowed error


This error indicates that the vendor number that you used does not match a valid vendor number. You should click on: Click here to query the Purchasing System for Vendor information to search for a valid vendor. Reminder: the vendor number is not a required field. You can type in the vendor name and address and Purchasing Services will assign a vendor number when they create the purchase order.

Invalid Vendor Number Error

Error Message: The total funding amount does not match the total requisition amount. Print Anyway?

This warning will appear when the total of items does not equal the total of funding amounts. Purchasing Services cannot process a requisition unless the amounts agree. If you receive this warning, please go back to your funding and items on your requisition and change the amounts to make sure that the total dollar amount of the requisition matches the total dollar amount of the funding lines on the requisition before printing. If a signed requisition is routed to Purchasing Services and the amounts do not agree, the user or their Dean’s office may be contacted to make the correction in the External Requisition Generator.

Total Funding Error

Printed requisition is blank

Even though you may have saved information on the base requisition screen, your printed requisition will appear blank if you have not added any line items. This is to ensure that we do not print a blank requisition form that denotes a requisition number. If your requisition appears blank when printing, go back and be sure to use the “Save Item” button for each line item on the requisition and the “Save Funding” or “Update” button for each line of funding to make sure that they are saved before printing.

Blank Requisition

You must enter a Requisition End Date

This error can occur unexpectedly if a space is accidentally entered in the Requisition Begin Date field. Click in the Requisition Begin Date field and use the back space or delete keys to try to delete the space. Choose one of the save options at the bottom of the screen to try to save the new information and remove the error message. If anything is entered in either the Begin or End Date fields, then a date must be entered into both fields.

Requisition End Date Error

Error Message: Server Error in '/ReqGen' Application

Accidentally Entering a special character such as "<" (e.g. mistyping Madison in the shipping address as <adison) can cause this error. Correcting the typing error will correct the problem. Entering this character in any of the following fields will cause this error.

  • Contact Person
  • Comments
  • Vendor Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • Address Line 3
  • Address Line 4
  • Ship To
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • Address Line 3

The validation is trying to detect malicious data in the form to prevent malicious coding from being submitted to the application through this interface.

Other Error Messages

Other error messages can be generated by the system but are generally self-explanatory. Examples include:

  • This is a required field.
  • Comments cannot exceed 2000 characters.
  • Area Code must be numeric. Or Phone # must be numeric.
  • Vendor number must be numeric.
  • Invalid Delivery Date. Date format must be mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Qty must be numeric.
  • Category must be numeric.
  • Invalid value.
  • Amount cannot exceed 99,999,999.99

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