WiscChat - Re-configuring WiscChat if your email address is changing during the transition to Office 365

If your email address is changing -- for example, if you want to adopt the new firstname.lastname@wisc.edu address as a part of your transition to Office 365 -- it is recommended that you reconfigure your WiscChat client. The following document explains why you need to reconfigure your WiscChat client and how to do it.

Note: If you have selected a new primary address, your existing WiscChat account will continue to function. Your existing WiscChat account will, if the address has been consolidated with your NetID account, use the NetID password to authenticate. We recommend re-configuring WiscChat to use your new primary address because this is the address at which people can find you.

Why should I reconfigure my WiscChat account?

If you select a new email address to be used when transitioned to Office 365 -- or if you change your primary email address once in Office 365 -- your existing WiscChat account will continue to work normally. This can cause confusion, because the Office 365 Global Address List (GAL) directory will always list your primary email address, which is effectively a completely separate WiscChat account. This will likely result in people trying to add your new WiscChat account to their chat rosters, which you will never see if you continue to use your existing account. For this reason, we recommend transitioning to the WiscChat account associated with your new/primary email address in Office 365.

How do I reconfigure my WiscChat account?

Detailed steps are provided below to make this transition using the recommended WiscChat client, Psi. Steps and screenshots refer to Psi for Mac OS X, but the process is similar using Psi for Windows, the WiscChat Web Client, or other desktop chat clients.

Note: If you use Pandion, you can use the import/export contacts feature to easily move your contacts. Configuring Pandion in order to use this feature may be a good work around for individuals with large contact lists who don't want to manually re-add contacts.

  1. Make a list of all chat roster contacts
  2. There will be no contacts in your chat roster after signing in to your new WiscChat account, so you will need to manually add them from your existing roster. This will be easier to do if you first create a list of all of your WiscChat contacts as follows:

    1. Configure your chat client to show all roster contacts, including offline and hidden contacts. In Psi, select the View menu and make sure Show Offline Contacts and Show Hidden Contacts is checked.
    2. Make a list (in a word processor or Excel) of the email addresses of all contacts you would like to add to your new WiscChat account. To do this using Psi, right click each roster contact and click User Info. The email address of the user's WiscChat account is displayed in the top bar of the User Info window, and should be added to the list.
    3. If you organize your roster into Groups, be sure to record (or remember) which contacts fall into which groups.
    4. Save the file containing the list of email addresses in a safe location. It will be used to recreate your chat roster in Step 5.

  3. Prepare chatrooms for new account
  4. If you have any chatrooms bookmarked in Psi, or if you administer or own a persistent chatroom:

    • For each Bookmarked chatroom, make note of the Host and the Room so you can bookmark it in your new account later. See this document for instructions to look up chatroom settings. Note: If this is a members-only (aka private) chatroom, ask the owner/administrator to remove your old account and add your new account as a member of the chatroom.
    • For each chatroom you own, add your new account as an owner via the chatroom configuration interface and remove your old account.
    • For each chatroom you administer, ask the owner to add your new account as an Admin and remove your old account.

  5. Configure your chat client for the new Office 365 email address
  6. This can be done by removing your existing WiscChat account and configuring the new one in your preferred chat client. However, you may find it easier to simply change the configuration for the existing account to refer to your new email address/password. In Psi, this is possible as follows:

    1. Click the General menu and select Account Setup.
    2. Select your existing WiscChat account and click Modify.
    3. For XMPP Address, remove your existing email address and enter your primary Office 365 address.
    4. For Password, enter the password associated with your new email address.
    5. Select Save and Close.
    6. In Step 4 above, if you decided to wait to update your vCard information using Psi, you can do so now. Refer to these instructions.

    This process is possible using other chat clients as well. A client comparison including detailed configuration steps can be found here.

    Important: If you choose to add a new account in your preferred chat client (as opposed to modifying settings in the existing account), make sure you completely remove the old account prior to adding the new one. Many chat clients do not allow multiple accounts to be configured simultaneously.

  7. Add Contacts and Groups to your new WiscChat roster
  8. Locate the list you made in Step 1 containing email addresses from your old WiscChat account. Add each email address from the list as a new WiscChat contact in your chat client, making sure to add them to the appropriate group, if desired. Details for doing this through the WiscChat Web Client and Psi are available here:

  9. Update Chatroom bookmarks
  10. If you are using Psi, now that your new account is configured you can add bookmarks for persistent chatrooms using the Host and Room settings noted in Step 2. See this document for details.

  11. Remove and deauthorize contacts from old account
  12. You will need to remove authorization for all of your chat contacts in your old WiscChat account. If you do not do this, everyone will have you listed in their roster twice once you add the contacts in your new account. When you remove a contact in Psi, it automatically deauthorizes them as well, so they will know that you are no longer using the old account. You may want to wait until an individual has authorized your request to chat with your new address before removing and deauthorizing the contact on your old account. To remove your contacts:

    1. Right-click a user in your chat roster
    2. Select Remove
    3. When informed that this change is permanent, select Delete
    4. Repeat this process for all contacts on your chat roster

  13. Remove vCard info from the old WiscChat account and add vCard info for the new account
  14. You should remove all personal information from the vCard of your old WiscChat account to prevent users from searching for and finding the wrong account. The same process should also be used to add vCard information to your new WiscChat account. Details for doing this through the WiscChat Web Client and Psi are provided here:

    • WiscChat (Web) - Updating your vCard Information. Important: If you choose to use the WiscChat Web Client to update your old and new vCards, make sure you log into the correct account prior to making any changes.

    • WiscChat (Psi) - Updating your vCard Information. Important: If you choose to use Psi to update your vCard information, you can only remove the old vCard info at this point. Prior to adding vCard info for your new account, you must first configure the new account in Psi. This process is detailed in Step 5. Upon completing Step 5, you will be reminded to add your vCard information for your new WiscChat account in Psi.

  15. Remove old account from your client
  16. Leaving the old account configured won't cause any harm. In fact, it may be helpful, since you will receive a notification if someone who doesn't know that you have changed your email address attempts to chat with this account. However, you may eventually want to remove the old account for the sake of convenience. Follow the instructions below to remove an account from Psi:

    1. Go to the General menu
    2. Select Account Setup
    3. Select your old chat account
    4. Click the Remove button
    5. A popup window will appear. Click Disconnect button
    6. Click Remove

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