WiscVPN - Connecting to the GlobalProtect Client (Windows)

This document describes how to connect to the WiscVPN PaloAlto GlobalProtect VPN client onto a Windows computer.

Note: This client is compatible only with Windows 7 and later.

Instructions for Connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN Client

  1. Open the GlobalProtect client.

  2. Type in the portal address: uwmadison.vpn.wisc.edu
    Type in the portal address: uwmadison.vpn.wisc.edu

  3. Sign in using your UW Madison NetID and NetID password.

    Sign in with your UW Madison NetID and password,

  4.  Note:  In some special cases, such as with specific departmental VPNs, you will need to use Duo/MFA for two-factor authentication. Either enter the passcode from your fob/Duo MFA app, or enter "1" to use a Duo Push.

  5. If all the previous steps are completed correctly, the VPN should be connected.

    If prior steps were completed correctly, the vpn should be connected.

Note: If the Global Protect window disappears any point and clicking the icon in the tray at the bottom of the screen doesn't work, you can re-open it by using the search bar on the bottom left.

If the window disappears, use the cortana search to open it again.

If you experience issues connecting to WiscVPN using Global Protect on Windows, please see WiscVPN - Troubleshooting the PaloAlto GlobalProtect Client (Windows).