CAE Duo - Overview of MFA DUO in Engineering

An overview of MFA Duo for College of Engineering resources

The College of Engineering has integrated Duo into critical Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) IT services to adhere to campus policies. In order to utilize Multi-factor authentication, you will need to set it up on a smartphone, tablet or token using your CAE specific account. Once you are enrolled in the College of Engineering's Duo, you will be able to authenticate with Duo on both UW Madison and Engineering services. You will be able to seamlessly use the same phone, tablet, or token for your NetID and your CAE account. If you are unsure of your CAE specific username and password you can use the self service portal here for more information, or to reset your CAE account: CAE Account Portal

More on the Duo Multi-factor Authentication Project can be found at the general campus KB page here:  MFA-Duo - What is Duo Multi-factor Authentication?.

If you are getting an error that states you have been locked out due to too many login attempts, you will need to contact the CAE help desk to have a CAE staff member unlock the CAE DUO account.

CAE Duo Setup:

Initial Setup of CAE Duo
Using a Token/Fob for CAE Duo
Using the Duo Mobile app for CAE Duo

Other CAE Duo Information:

Requesting Temporary Code
Generating One-Time use codes
Re-syncing a token
Removing a Lost/Broken token from your account
CAE services that require Duo verification
Reactivating Duo on a Mobile Device 
CAE Account Management Tools
Using the Duo Mobile app to generate passcodes

Campus Duo Resources:

Campus Duo Overview
Best Practices for using Duo
Duo Frequently Asked Questions

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